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    i think it is in the valves,i could not even get a guage between the cam and lifter,i took it to the shop to get looked at
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    After Taking This Yz 250f Top End Apart,i Took My Timing Chain Off And I Noticed The Exhaust Cam Would Rotate Alittle Back And Forth Till The Lobes Hit The Valves,but The Intake Cam Is Like It's Stuck I Cannot Turn It,and When I Took The Cam Out I Had To Peck It Alittle To Get It Out Of The Holder,the Bearing Seemed Fine But When I Installed The Cam Back In,it Still Will Not Roll Freely,i Even Put Alittle Pressure On It And Still Doesn't Want To Roll Freely,i Was Thinking It Should Be Like The Exhaust Cam,where It Would Role Till The Lobe On The Cam Hits,any Idea Will Be Appreciated
  3. harrynorris

    valve shims

    need advise on shims for a 04 yz 250f,i checked the exhaust valves and they are around .013 and the intake valve are all around .022.is the exhaust valve ok and what size shim should i use for the intake
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    need good machinic

    trying to install new piston in 04 250f yz,i lined up the 3 dots on the intake cam and the 2 dots on the exhaust cam and the one on the crank,and it would not start.so i check again and the dot on the crank doesn't bring the piston up on tdc,so i seen a line that looks like it says hi,and i relined it all again and it started but now it seems like it pulling hard it will only run if you hold it half throttle and if you let off it dies instantly,,any ideas