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  1. Well will always try and make online as best as it can be. As for boost spots, there were none but there was somewhat of a bug found with the wheelie that let you "boost" a bit. New physics take care of that issue and for the track cutting, it is always a challenge to keep things fair, no matter what we do some find a way to exploit it. We are hopeful that the new system we are using will discourage this.
  2. Everyone can have their opinions. No offense taken. We looked long and hard at what we liked and disliked to make sure this game would be off the charts. As for Roncada, its been a bit since I've had lunch with him, but like any other studio people come and go. I won't say much more other than people left over time and some of them came together for 2xl. Some of those same people worked on on Untamed too. There are always two sides. Anyways hopefully you guys will dig this "new" game. Oh and for your list, we do that every single time. But no excuses, we try to make it better and better each time. Thanks for the reply.
  3. By the way I'll answer what questions I can not all info can be let out yet. We are releasing info as we go along to shipping. You guys will be stoked. It's definitely next level stuff.
  4. The part above is actually not true. There are a few of us still here that date back before Unleashed and Ronron had nothing to do with much other than make some tracks here and there. He is more involved with the guys at 2XL now and have made a killer IPhone SX game. For the 1st part I put in bold. This couldn't be further from the truth but the proof is in the pudding. No revamping here or sprucing.
  5. RBW_Triton


    1) I don't remember back to when we made the demo but they are probably pretty close. Are you using HDMI? 2) Not sure yet I ride a 06' CR250 1) Not as of yet. 2) PS2 no. If a PC version is ever made, we would make it so it would.
  6. RBW_Triton


    Sorry I don't have time to go through all 8 pages. If there is something specific you guys want to know just ask and I'll try to answer it for you.
  7. CR250 #149 with Rainbow Studios graphics. Can't miss me, I'm one of the only 2strokes out there.
  8. RBW_Triton

    MX vs ATV Untamed

    lol! Look at you all hiding out. I think I'm going to try and actually ride both days. I have to go to ET on Sat. because it is close to my house. I might do Motoland Sunday otherwise it will be ET again. Depends on how I feel.
  9. RBW_Triton

    MX vs ATV Untamed

    Same shots but some text too. (I'm that dude. ) http://www.vitalmx.com/news/news/MX-vs-ATV-UntamedWhips-and-Scrubs,1934 We ride almost every weekend at either ET or Motoland. Come say hi if you want to ask some questions. I'll be at ET bright and early Saturday morning.#149 CR250 No dualsports but we have endurocross in the game this year and it is a blast!
  10. Cool. You should come check it out. We ride almost every weekend at ET or Motoland if you ride and ride tracks.
  11. I'm one of the guys helping make it. Our studio is in Phoenix.
  12. I put up some new shots for those that haven't seen them yet. Much more to come. http://www.vitalmx.com/news/news/MX-vs-ATV-UntamedWhips-and-Scrubs,1934
  13. RBW_Triton

    what kind of dunlop tire is this?

    That isn't a pic of the 745 pattern. That is whatever the soft/mud tire is. I've been running the 745's for a month or so. It is to replace the 743. The pic in the 1st thread is a 745, although they might have cut the lugs slightly. They do that sometimes depending on the track.
  14. ^^ It is both the game and the editor.
  15. RBW_Triton

    Leatt "Drawing"...yeah right.

    Leatt didn't provide the braces to give away. One Industries, who has no ties to them at all, shelled out $35,000+ to buy them and give them away.