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  1. I guess most of us would rather go to Thailand for a good ping pong show
  2. Some USA boys are still coming with all the excuses for team Slomac, whiny bastards 🤣 The Dutch are on top at the moment, no denying 🤗
  3. ocdaan

    PDS vs Linkage

    Okay, thanks. I have a 07 SX and for me it is okay, but I don't have anything newer to compare to, so who knows 😉
  4. ocdaan

    PDS vs Linkage

    From what year is PDS getting better then?
  5. ocdaan

    Pastrana's MXDN RM250

    USA people are still in shock 🤣
  6. ocdaan

    What mods are actually worth putting on?

    I always have to laugh a bit at your mod culture. Just get better at riding, that helps much more than modding your bike. And is cheaper also, keeping your bike in good condition is expensive enough. Just saying 😉
  7. ocdaan

    Official 2018 MEC Smack Talk Thread!

    His teammate had to let him by... what a joke!
  8. ocdaan

    pussification of mxon

    Still discussing this? This is so funny. I can't stop laughing since the MXoN. 😃
  9. ocdaan


    True * Herlings can't ride supercross * Team Slomac can't ride motocross 🤣
  10. ocdaan


    Lots and lots of excuses 🤣
  11. ocdaan

    So what's your take on it all

    🤣 What about when Herlings came to play last year? He straight up beat all your riders. Twice! You get all our shit because some of you cannot accept the loss. The harder you scream and resist the harder we laugh about it.
  12. ocdaan

    So what's your take on it all

    Amazing how ignorant some of you guys are. Do you not remember last year when Herlings came by to play? He beat Team Slomac and everybody else there to! Twice! On clean non muddy US tracks!
  13. ocdaan

    So what's your take on it all

    The way of thinking from some people is just amazing 😆
  14. ocdaan

    So what's your take on it all

    You know why they are called Team Slomac at the moment right?
  15. ocdaan


    Aaron Plessinger was the only one being real honest.