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  1. lever

    Head on with helmet cam????

    Gotta bump it sorry. Come on Mike. Show it please
  2. Sorry teaser but. I got in a fairly big headon at Strawberry off of 50 3 wks ago with a Mike from TT. Neither one of us was hurt but I don't know why. I thought I tore his leg off. Anyway the reason I posted this in pics and vids. He had a helmet cam on and got the whole thing. I saw what some of it looked like on the cool little screen this helmet cam had. I know he got it. So I say; come on Mike cough it up, I want to know what it looks like running into me. Thanks Dave
  3. I was in a headon this last Saturday at Strawberry. Neither one of us was being an idiot. I don't think he was at race pace and I certainly wasn't. One on here seems to think that if he gets in a headon it will be because the other was an idiot. It don't always happen like that. What probably would have helped both of us is if we had thought more about the objective dangers, bitching trail, down low near where others would be more prone to be, Saturday,etc. Neither was hurt at all but I would of swore I tore his leg off. I signed on to thumper talk because he had it on helmet can and was going to post it. This thread got my attention. All I know is his name was Mike on a 450wrf?. Bring on the helmet cam video Mike, it has to be scary.