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  1. sooner02r1

    Honda 450's overheat?

    I did 35 miles of (mostly) slow single track on my '09 a couple of days ago, it's bone stock, running antifreeze, 91 octane pump gas, and lucas semi-synthetic 10-40 in both sides, and it did not heat up much at all, and never boiled over. A few times after some LONG SLOW sections I stopped and checked and never peed any coolant out. Ran like a champ!
  2. sooner02r1

    New owner checking in

    Hey guys, just picked up a nearly new '09. Bone stock other than bars. Had 3 rides on it in '09 and has been sitting in a climate controlled garage with the fluids drained since then. I'm a novice MXer and this will be a 50/50 mx/trail bike. Extremely pumped. I've only gotten to ride it down the street so far, and coming from riding a DRZ400 the past few years, and not having been on an MX track in nearly 10 years, this thing feels FAST to me, I can't wait to get back in the swing of it. I will not be modding this other than grips, handguards, MAYBE a bigger tank, and just trying to keep maintenace in top shape and keep this thing reliable. Anyway I'll be lurking and probably asking a few questions here and there. Thanks for all the info on this forum so far!
  3. sooner02r1

    Help a Carb-Illiterate

    Hey guys my '06 S that is bone stock, started running lean, and it has had long periods of sitting, so I assumed the carb was gunked up. I know very little about carbs, but I decided to take it apart and clean it. I took it apart, cleaned it with b-12 and put it all back together the same way. I didn't replace anything. I did take the jets out and clean them with the cleaner. When I put it back together it ran WAY worse, and will barely even run. Any idea of what I did or should do? I'm about to the point to just take it to the dealer, I just hate to if there's something obvious I did. I know it's probably that I put something back together wrong, just thought I'd ask on here what you guys thought. Thanks.
  4. sooner02r1

    CRF70 or KLX110??

    I have a KLX110, but I would recommend also something with a clutch. She might as well learn the right way the first time. An XR100 or CRF150F or a two stroke like a CR85 would be my recommendation.
  5. sooner02r1

    Poor Boys pit Bike

    Yeah pit bike MX is really expensive. A poor man's competitive pitbike costs like $2500 to build.
  6. sooner02r1

    CRF450 Water pump impellar

    They do have a hole in them, I did it to my 04, but I thought the 05s already had a hole...
  7. sooner02r1

    I need advise on selling bike

    Dude comon...... Did you really think that was a legit deal?? The only thing you need to send that guy is a letter bomb.
  8. sooner02r1

    Best Smelling Race Gas

    VP Racing Ultima 4. It's like fine women's perfume
  9. sooner02r1

    What year engines will fit in an 02 frame?

    02-04 will definately fit. I'm not sure about the newer ones. I've got an 03 with an 04 motor. Get an 04 motor if you're gonna get a stock one. They have the hottest cam. My 04 motor with stock cam, ported head, and a pipe rips SO hard.
  10. sooner02r1

    Giving the sport a bad name

    I'm not impressed. A learning disabled 3rd grader can do long wheelies on a quad, it's not hard. I doubt these dudes one day said. Let's go buy us some motocross bikes and went down to the shop and paid cash. I will keep the rest of my comments to myself about what I think because I would like to have the privelidge to keep posting on this website.
  11. sooner02r1

    Red baron forks?

    Don't waste your money. I have never heard anything good about those.
  12. sooner02r1

    New Bike Input ..... plz.

    The pitsters run a GPX motor, I'm not sure about the others, but those motors don't last very long. I have seen several blow up over a couple of seasons. Look at www.stillwaterxtreme.com the xtreme's aren't as pretty as the pitsters, but the motor is much higher quality and the suspension is pretty good as well. Marshall's Racing in Oklahoma designed the forks, the shock needs to be replaced, but the motor has a 4 speed close ratio bottom end that is really tough. I researched everything VERY extensively, my friends sell xtremes and pitsters, and I bought a KLX 110.
  13. sooner02r1

    Klx110 forks kx60??/kx65??

    I could be wrong but I believe the 60 and 65 forks are the same length, but I think the 65 forks are supposed to be a little stiffer. There are a lot of adults running the 60 forks with heavy springs on MX tracks and doing fine with them.
  14. sooner02r1

    Water pump

    I had the same problem. Posted a thread. Got answers. Got it fixed. Did all the work for you. Here you go. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=445910&highlight=water+pump
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