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  1. Not much time to ride so I'm going back to push bikes and I'm thinking to sell this. It's a 2005 CRF450R. Maybe like 40 hours. No issues. Should I part this out? I don't have a lot of time or patients so keep that in mind. What do you think she's worth as is? pics (CLICK on thumbnails): Thanks guys!
  2. 45° Please

    Airfilter- Twinair or stock?

    Great Topic; Great replies.
  3. 45° Please

    Vortex Rear Sprocket Feedback

    Own one; only two rides but they clean up nicely and look the business!
  4. 45° Please

    Short Yoshimura RS2

    That upper bolt doesn't look secure. no?
  5. 45° Please

    2008 oil burner?

    I didn't think so. How is that?
  6. 45° Please

    Pro Circuit Ti system

    I just put the Pro Circuit Ti-4 GP system on my 05 after having a Jardine full alum system. I just LOVE the Ti-4 look and sound. I think I notice a smoother throttle too. BTW, if anyone wants a very low hour full alum Jardine for a 2005 CRF450, PM me.
  7. 45° Please

    first time servicing my crf's suspension (pics)

    Yeah, I don't know much but that oil is toast!
  8. 45° Please

    fat guy on a crf450

    Are you guys able to jump doubles etc without bottoming out? thx
  9. 45° Please

    Go K-dub...

    14 betta win while he can before the next GOAT comes back.
  10. 45° Please

    fat guy on a crf450

    I feel a WHOLE lot better after reading this thread. I thought I was the only heavy on here. I'm 260 but I will be 225 soon. Weight lifting, pizza, beer and MX don't mix around 40.
  11. 45° Please

    New Bike :)

    Congrats! The look is brilliant.
  12. 45° Please

    Pic of 09 450?

    Since 2008 was a new gen, won't it be 2010 before they change again? thx
  13. 45° Please

    PING norcal_hoss

    Now I see why the pics are so nice. Nice web too. Thanks man!
  14. 45° Please

    Looking into getting a 2005 but not sure?

    Good post bailey450
  15. 45° Please

    Rhc Service

    Yep, I spoke with him yesterday. He'll give you a few good options. After doing some price/quality research I'm going with a new RHC head since redoing and old one is about the same. Kinda cool to also know that a 06/07 head will fit on my 05. (And I don't care to mess with valves etc lol)