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  1. PapaSmurf

    Chad Reed & The Leatt

    http://www.putfile.com/pic.php?img=5077623 Here's a shot of KW I got before the second practice in Orlando. There seemed to be alot more Lites riders wearing them though. Rich
  2. PapaSmurf

    Chad Reed opening ceremonies video at Orlando

    I saw it and thought it was pretty funny!!! Haven't looked for it online but it would be great if they (AMA, Amped, whoever does them) posted all of these videos somewhere for everyone to see. Rich
  3. PapaSmurf

    Orlando FL. dissing Stefan Everts

    I was there and don't recall a negative reaction. I was, personally, impressed that he was there!! Some of the "between events" filler stuff that was done wasn't perfect- the video on the scoreboard wigged out a few times, and as metioned earlier maybe alot of people didn't realize who he is and how far he traveled to be there. Just my $.02!!!!! Rich
  4. PapaSmurf

    RC's Farewell

    Close!! Sec. 209 - second row (right above you). Probably could have spilled some beer on you!!! Rich
  5. PapaSmurf

    Supercross RC's Farewell

    Here's the opening ceremony that they did last night. This is from my digital camera and the quality isn't the greatest - I thought they would show more of it on the Speed telecast. It's a bit jittery and not the greatest sharpness (I had to dumb down the size for Putfile)!!!!! All of the factory crews were lined up (even Mitch Peyton was out there) as RC went down the line. Very nice!!! Thought some of you might like to see it! Rich http://media.putfile.com/RCs-Farewell
  6. PapaSmurf

    SPOILER: Official Orlando SX Thread

    We were in 209- great seats and a great race!!! I haven't found any info on any of the Lites riders- the one that broke his wrist scared me. I didn't see the crash but my wife did- she said his lower body twisted around when he hit, and the whole time I was watching the medical crew work on him I did not see his legs move. First rider I've seen taken out on a backboard. Glad that's all it was!!!! Rich
  7. PapaSmurf

    Spoiler: My first sx race orlando, and thoughts about it

    Best race I've seen in a while- good to see some heads-up racing and not someone just checking out!!! The pits were definitley crowded- we didn't hang but glad your kids got an "RC" experience- thought they threw everyone out of the pits at 5:30? Great day, great night and , I thought, a great sendoff for RC. It was cool to see all of the team crews out on the track in the opening cerimonies! I really liked the track change-up this year, although alot of the Lites guys seemed to be having trouble with it- I've never seen that many crashes, nor a rider being taken off on a backboard- hope they are all well! Rich
  8. PapaSmurf

    SPOILER: Official Orlando SX Thread

    http://www.putfile.com/rijuka/images/92047 A few from last practice- nothing great! Sorry!!!! Rich
  9. PapaSmurf

    SPOILER: Official Orlando SX Thread

    I did and I was just getting ready to load them onto the computer- don't know how they came out (actually my batteries died before the main). Let you know in a few! Rich
  10. PapaSmurf

    RC's Schedule

    The AMA (Steve Whitlock?) actually did a presentation for him tonight and said that they are "temporarily" retiring the number 4- I think it is until 2010. Rich
  11. PapaSmurf

    SPOILER: Official Orlando SX Thread

    Just got home from the race- Incredible. I've missed a couple on Speed this year but this was by far the best one I've seen. I thought RC would take it easy (being a new dad, last race) and play it safe- he was ripping!!! CR seemed off all day, in the practices and his heat race. Very nice to see the send-off to Ricky- great night!!!!! Check it out tomorrow on Speed! Rich
  12. PapaSmurf

    Orlando SX parking ifo

    FYI-http://www.orlandocentroplex.com/parking_alerts/Ampd_Mobile_World.doc Rich
  13. PapaSmurf

    NEED Orlando SX advice

    Pits are open 12:30 to 5:30- most of the teams post scheduled times for autograph sessions. Practice also starts at 12:30- last year only the East side of the stadium was open for practice (but you could sit wherever you wanted). About 5:30 or 6 they open up everything but you have to go to your assigned seating. Rich
  14. PapaSmurf

    NEED Orlando SX advice

    Don't know about backpacks but last year my wife and I had some snacks for our daughter (she was seven- not taking her this year) in a large purse. Security at the gate wouldn't let us in with anything food related, even hard candy!!!! Threw a few bucks into the trashcan!!! Don't know if you can leave and get back in- never had to but have heard that you can. Typical stadium food- hot dogs, burgers, chicken fingers etc. You'll get autographs in the pits and pretty much all of the big name riders will have a color promo shot (free) that they will sign (not sure about size). I'm sure that there will be a BIG line for RC since this is his last SX race- I guess it comes down to how long you are willing wait in line!!!! Tips- most of the factory riders have scheduled times for autograph sessions, usually posted at the rigs (if I remember right). You just have to decide who you want to go for and how much demand there might be for him (i.e. how early to get in line at the rig). Rich
  15. PapaSmurf

    Orlando SX Pit Passes

    I've got 36 passes free to good homes! Sorry it's so late but the location I checked at on Friday had not received them and I could not get by another store over the weekend. Any Florida guys should be OK if I get them mailed tomorrow (I'm in the Orlando area)- if not maybe we can meet up at the stadium. PM me with address, how many etc.- first come first served!!!! I"ll probably be checking in from time to time till around 10pm. Hope I can help!! Rich