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    Hey there Norman, Dude you seem like a guy that knows a lot about a lot... what effect did the power now have on the bike....it seems like a moderately inexpensive modification to make to the bike? And the Torque pipe...forgive me but I am unfamiliar with this? What is it and what does it do....PLEASE TEL ME IT ADDS TRACTABILITY AND TORQUE....THE MORE THE BETTER I RECKON!! Do you have photos of your 02 Example? JW
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    Excellent. . .keep it coming guys this info is good. Any photos anyone??? Thanks! JW
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    Hey Guys, I have just bought a Year 2000 Husky WR125, with only 1000 miles on the clock, and only been offroad three times. It was a demo bike for a shop in the republic of Ireland. Collecting it this week. It cost me £1650, (roughly $3000), from a budget of £2000 (roughly £3700) meaning I have roughly $700 left for upgrades. Its already got a good spares kit (cables, filters, tubes etc) and has acerbis hand guards fitted. What do you reckon I should buy first? Bashguard? Exhaust? Ideas? Anyone got any longterm experience of these bikes? Let me know thanks. Jonny Weston