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  1. Applied Has Factory Clamps sets for the new 2010 YZ450F in the stock 22mm offset. They also tested different offsets with Doug Dubach and now offer 20mm Factory Sets. Doug used the 20mm clamps when he won the 30+ & 40+ Pro at the World Vet Championships at Glen Helen. Both clamp sets are 1/2 lb lighter than stock!
  2. Rokatt88

    Triple Clamps for 09 CRF450

    Applied makes 20,22 & 24mm offsets for the 09/10 CRF450 & 2010 CRF250. The Showa's that come on the FI 250 are now the same tube diameter as the 450's Kayaba's so the clamps will fit both models. They are 1/2 lb lighter than stock! The Butler Bros. Racing Team tested all offsets before the Glenn Helen Nats and loved the 24's. That's what their team used all summer. MX-Tech has tested the 24s and use them with a new suspension package they are developing for the CRF450. I think riders are going to like it!
  3. Rokatt88

    MXA 250F shootout a further contradiction

    Me neither. I would pay money to see these posters tell Willy to his face that he's slow and could be lapped multiple times. Priceless!
  4. You can't go wrong with Enzo. MX-Tech has a facility in the Pheonix area and I understand they are coming up with a great set up for the 09/10 CRF450R as well!
  5. Rokatt88

    Blaster Help!

    Thanks for the input. I'm gonna drain the old spoogie gas out and clean the petcock screen.
  6. Rokatt88

    Yamaha Blaster Help!

    I have a 2004 Blaster that I bought for my daughter. She has moved on to CRF250R so the quad has been sitting in the garage for a good while. My problem has to be the carb. It starts but will only run with the choke out. When I push the choke back in it dies. Yes, it's warmed up. I have taken the carb off and cleaned the jets - there was a good amount of varnish in the float bowl, jets were goobed up - with spray carb cleaner. Put it back together and it still won't run with w/o the choke pulled out. I bought a big can of carb cleaner and have the carb w/o any rubber bits soaking in it to try to clean it out better. Anybody have this happen? Fixes? Help!
  7. Applied makes a crankcase vent kit for all the CRFs. It also fits the new EFI CRF450 & 250Rs. They sell it for about half the cost of other vent kits. http://appliedrace.com/store/catalog/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=5205 Call Justin at the TT Store!
  8. Rokatt88

    09 and 22mm clamps?

    The Butler Bros racing team used Applied's 24mm Factory Clamp Sets for the Nationals. The team tested them before Glen Helen and loved them. Just sayin'!
  9. Rokatt88

    Dirt Rider 2010 CRF250R

    Right on Rickk. I had exactly the same thing happed to me with the 06 KX450F. I purchased mine right after it came out based on all the "insider" information I gleamed from the TT KX450 forum. When the MXA test came out they ripped the new bike apart! I screamed-howled-kicked the dog-how could MXA say all these things about my awesome new bike??? After racing it for 2.5 years I can only say were right about the bike. Dead on right. I race REM every Saturday and pit by MXA. After getting to know them, I can say that there is no way they koto to advertising $$$. They race the bikes and tell it how it is, warts and all. I personally know this hurts sometimes but, we need to know it. It's our money we are investing.
  10. Rokatt88

    Triple clamp question

    Nope-not a fan of NECKCAR. Not a bad plug as far as plugs go. Thanks for noticing!
  11. Rokatt88

    Triple clamp question

    06 CRF R & X's dont have factory steering stabilizers! Applied makes stock 24mm & 22mm Factory Clamp Sets that will fit the 06 CRF450X. If you want to run the stock headlight plate & odometer they sell a kit to allow you make it happen. Applied also has a new Stabilizer Ready Top Clamp Kit that really addresses all the previous compromises of mounting a Scotts stabilizer in the sub-mount position! www.appliedrace.com Applied is the only clamp manufacturere that offers a 100% warranty to the original purchasor, that even includes crash damage! We ridin' yet!
  12. Rokatt88

    After Market Triple Clamps for 09

    This post was talking about the KX450F, so the 22mm offset was directed to that application. Yes, I know that Mr. Stewart ran 25mm's on last seasons KX450F national bike. Yes, I know that riders use all kinds of different offsets on different bikes. Heck, I only work at Applied Racing. What the heck do I know! I like to think we are pretty smart too! MXA was running 22mm on both their 09 450 & 250 test bikes. Works good on the 09's as well. Like fastkevin says, one of anything is not for all. Half the fun is finding what works for you and running with it! Are we riding yet?
  13. Rokatt88

    09 clamp sets

  14. Rokatt88

    Anyone try 22 offset on 09 450?

    Only if you're feeling it! Some people like the handling with the stock 20mm. Other people feel the Honda is twitchy-too responsive with the 20's. I had a chance to ride the 09 CRF450 on Applied's test track (2 miles long, basically all turns!) and just last weekend bombing it at Ocotillo Wells with the 22's and I thought the bike was great! It also had Dubach's new exhaust on it and it boosts mid range and gives it great over rev. The bike still has stock suspension and no mapping mods.