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  1. Drew_Seattle_DRZ400s


    That'll be fine. I do it all the time for my high comp (13.5:1) motor in my DRZ. I have been mixing it about 3:1 with no pinging or signs of detonation on the plug.
  2. Drew_Seattle_DRZ400s

    Valve shim replacement the EZ way

    I'd recommend every 1K at WFO
  3. Drew_Seattle_DRZ400s

    Anyone ride in or around EUREKA, CA !!!

    My buddy Joe (non computer-type) lives in Trinidad. He's got a plated XR650R. He might be looking for somebody to ride with. PM me with your digits and I'll get them to him.
  4. Drew_Seattle_DRZ400s


    Congratulations man! XR's are fun bikes!
  5. Drew_Seattle_DRZ400s


    I'll give it a shot.
  6. Drew_Seattle_DRZ400s

    JYD is a scamming seller..PLEASE READ

    That sucks. I hope you get your $$ back. Too bad you can't also bill back for all the time it takes you to deal with it.
  7. Drew_Seattle_DRZ400s

    Bad news for Kryptonite lock owners

    Looked like he took the blunt end of a standard Bic pen, the stick-type plastic pen with the removeable cap, and shoved it into the base of the lock, into some small opening, and then just jiggled the pen and the lock and it opened right up.
  8. Drew_Seattle_DRZ400s

    JYD is a scamming seller..PLEASE READ

    What kind of bike? Are you sure it is the tranny that is causing the surge? Improper jetting will often cause a surge at cruising speed. Make sure you are 100% sure the tranny is the cause before trashing the guy.
  9. Drew_Seattle_DRZ400s

    What kind of lighting for the 24hr??????

    As much light as you can manage. I'm running the Lead Dog Helmet light. I'm also running the stock S model light on my DRZ which puts out tons of light.
  10. Drew_Seattle_DRZ400s


    If your carb float valve does not close completely, the fuel can trickle down into your cylinder and eventually leak past you rings and into your oil. Pull you dipstick and check the oil, smell it for gas.
  11. Drew_Seattle_DRZ400s


    I have that pipe. It is way loud. With the optional quiet core insert, I tested at 100db.
  12. Drew_Seattle_DRZ400s

    Ever use motorex oil?

    I use it in the tranny on my KDX and in the engine on my DRZ. Good quality stuff!
  13. Drew_Seattle_DRZ400s

    Any low budget exhaust

    Isn't the complete Muzzy system less than $400?
  14. Drew_Seattle_DRZ400s

    XR250 vs 200EXC in tight woods

    Another to consider is the KDX. It is kind of a mix between them, more spirited than the XR, but less so than the KTM. The KDX is more luggable and can be ridden more like a 4 stroke. If I had to chose, I'd pick the KTM, no question.
  15. Drew_Seattle_DRZ400s

    Non Wrap around hand guards?

    Call Rooster Performance and see if they make them for your bike. I've seen Rooster handguards on Jeremy's (oldbones) WR 426 and he's got the Flexx bars. 503-649-3485