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  1. nyysr


    SWEEEEET!!!! ITS ABOUT TIME.................
  2. nyysr

    BBR 110 Are they worth the money

  3. nyysr

    what should I get???

    pitster pro x4r hands down.
  4. nyysr

    what do you guys think about the icon 50?

    ummmm NO the 50x DOES NOT come with disc brakes, and NO all honda bore kits DONT work with the icon 50x, yes alot do but alot dont as well. their are other differences as well like the 90x comes with tall seat the 50x DOES NOT, the 90x come with an open end cdi the 50x DOES NOT and theirs a few others. i should know i own one and sold tons of um and my paypal info 2 this day is still ICONDISTRIBUTION@AOL.COM. so i guess you realy dont know what the differences are:p heres one thats been for sale on $hitbay for almost a year, can you tell the differences lol http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ICON-50-10-X-10-MINI-MX_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ34284QQihZ020QQitemZ4592839379QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWD1V#ebayphotohosting
  5. nyysr

    what do you guys think about the icon 50?

    thats an icon 90x not a 50x 50x is an auto with drum brakes front and rear, the 90x is manual with disc you see in front, o and thanks for jacken my deal on PM, its all good i got a better deal cauz of it. peace.
  6. nyysr

    rotten mx pit bikes

    no hes still a big headded a$$.
  7. nyysr

    Beware of Motoxcole!!

    this guy just screwed me on a roller i got from him. its been 4 weeks now and still no bike! i paid him within 10 mins of him posting his xr50 roller for sale and all i got from him is a frame and swinger. he didnt answered emails for about 2 weeks then i got these 2 emails from him. heres his first one. (Hey Troy, listen man I feel horrible about this situation. I run rider support for EVS and have been traveling for the last 3 weeks to each supercross event and finally got back into my office. Before I left, I put your packages on my desk with a note on them for my shipping manager to send them out, but when I got back into the office yesterday they were still there. As I said dude I feel terrible, it was never my intention of trying to stiff you in any way. I am willing to do whatever you want to rectify this, wether that means refunding your money, or returning the parts whatever you want. I have the parts still boxed up and could ship them out anytime now if you still want them otherwise I will credit your Paypal account. I 100 percent understand if you're pissed off, I would probably be the same way. But please let me know whatever I can do at this point. Again Troy, I am sincerely sorry about all this. Cole) heres the second email (Sorry, I didnt receive your other email until today. Let me know what you wanna do, I might be able to get the parts UPS shipped tomorrow if you tell me by tonight, otherwise I'll Paypal you some money. Its totally up to you.) ive asked him 5 times in 4 days to send me either the parts or the money back since these 2 emails and still nothing. this aint cool at all:thumbsdn: .
  8. nyysr

    $1700, build a bike or buy a knock off?

    x2 if your looking for a more 50 based feel.
  9. nyysr

    Thinking about buying a SSR88...

    + 1 your right on the money, SSR 90 is a very good bike and in fact im trying to got an SSR90 motor 2 use in one of my stunt bikes. later troy
  10. nyysr

    best pit bike?

    no i here ya and agree 100%. dont get me wrong i love xr50s but 2 start from scratch and everything new just makes no sense. buying used now there's the ticket
  11. nyysr

    best pit bike?

    maybe but then he would still have to upgrade the fame, wheels, tires,disc brakes, 4 speed manual trans, tall seat and hill still have less HP.
  12. nyysr

    best pit bike?

  13. nyysr

    best pit bike?

    your 110 is NOT made in japan and you not knowing that just goes 2 show how much you really dont know. maybe you should do the research before YOU speak. your fighting against the tide my friend.................its kinda pointless:excuseme:
  14. nyysr

    best pit bike?

    + 1 dont bother with xr50 or klx110 their both a waist of money in the long run an are not made in japan Nway so your not even geting what you think your paying for.
  15. nyysr

    Honda CRF150R as a pitbike

    $hit that sucks! man and i was lookig to put that motor in one of my YSR or NSR 50s:cry: