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  1. rpeterk

    Difference between 2010 te250 an txc250

    Bob at Central Jersey Cycles in New Egypt has at least one in stock. I seen it today. Stopped there for some other stuff but noticed it. I know he had at least 2 not long ago. 609-758-1887
  2. rpeterk

    TE450 Vibration

    07's for sure had no balance shaft had an 05 te450 and it was smooooooth my 07 te450 was not as good but not bad and my 07 te510 isn't bad at all ut still not as smooth as the 05 with the balance shaft.
  3. rpeterk

    My Husky's Only Shortcoming

    Practice there is no substitute for seat time. A rekluse pro will do wonders and also cut the bars down to 29-30" or as narrow as you can get them
  4. rpeterk

    07 Husky TE510 Overheating

    How long have you had the bike? How long has this been going on? There is no way that the bike should be boiling over at 45mph. Head gasket? I have never looked at the coolant passages in relation to the combustion chamber. If your not sure then take it to someone that does. If it keeps overheating its going to damage the engine.
  5. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/NEW-Husqvarna-Automatic-1987_W0QQitemZ190330949542QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUS_motorcycles?hash=item2c509bcfa6&_trksid=p4506.c0.m245 I know I couldn't and wouldn't have left it unridden
  6. Get yourself a ride on a ktm200exc or xc or xw nothing like it. The weight of a 125 great torque that starts down low with a wicked top end. awesome trail bike
  7. Put bark busters on it. If you put a stronger handle on then the next time it may take out the master cylinder. Be glad it broke instead.
  8. rpeterk

    Oil level screw is screwed!

    Either eld it up and retap it or just tap it to a larger size or you could use a 1/16 tapered pipe thread plug
  9. rpeterk

    cant get my fan to fit on my te510

    The 07 bikes that came with the fan are european bikes and have a different tank with a cutout for the fan. Seen one up close.
  10. The problem isn't carrying fuel in sealed containers. Hell msr fuel bottles in my ogio vest aren't going to go anywhere. Fuel isn't the problem its fuel vapors combined with air/oxygen that present the problem. Fuel needs ox to burn/explode. Its better to be safe then sorry. The battery pack is small enough that there are plenty of places to put it. Like the original. I've seen some fuel related fires in race cars up close and its real bad and hotter then you can imagine even from a distance. This is my last post to this thread have fun fella's and ride safe! Bob
  11. Yeh your right about the fuel pumps in the tank. Cars and bikes both. Thought out engineered setups. But most of the time they are covered with fuel. Not saying things can't get ugly but its a different situation with the air box that has nothing but fuel vapors and available oxygen. Just made an observation. You can do what ever you want it's your ass and your bike. Won't say anymore.
  12. don't have the time to read thru all the posts but INSIDE THE AIR BOX?????????????????????????? Your sitting on a bomb! What would make anyone think an airbox filled with fuel vapors would be a safe place to put a battery. I would remove it before you get your last surprize! I know my husky and many bikes share a close proximity of the battery and air filter but they don't seal it inside an air box. I know the box breaths but its still not an open air setup the way it should be to be safe.
  13. rpeterk

    Potentially broken TE510

    you would be surprised at what knock can do to a daily driver. Now do the same to a high strung engine and its destruction. It ill pound bearings break ring lands even make the main caps walk around on a automotive engine. When the cylinder fires its a expansion of gas/flame which is a much smoother process then the hammering a knocking engine produces. If the motor is running on the hot side and you lug it your probably asking for trouble. Shity gas will do you in also.
  14. rpeterk


    Mine does it (although not always but at some point during every ride for sure) and I have heard it from several others of different make bikes also.
  15. rpeterk

    Counter balanced 6 speed TC450 done!!!

    I was under the impression that the CB was being used again on the te's starting in either 08 or 09 models. I had an 05 te450 and it was smooth. Noticed the difference right away when I hoped on the 07 te450 I had but the 07 te510 I have isn't as bad. I'd like to smack the guy in the head that made the decision to remove the CB.