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  1. sr510r06wa

    '05 SM510 Headlight

    I have a cyclops on my 510 works great.
  2. sr510r06wa

    TE510 vs SMR510 dry wights?

    Its got to be some sort of typo my 06 is 257# with a half a tank of gas and ready to run. not that much changed for 07 except on the euro bike with that euro 3 muffler. cant imagin that the 07 usa weigh that much more
  3. sr510r06wa

    And now, something completely different...

    Where is that it looks like a great area to ride.
  4. sr510r06wa

    round mirrors

    I have the dual star mirros mounted on my smr510. I love them I have had no trouble with vibration at all. It did take a few test rides to get them in a location where I like the looks of them and they were actully usefull. If you just want them on there for the law enforcement factor mount them anywhere. otherwise just fiddle with them untill you can see out of them. I usually just turn my head anyways but sometimes its nice to glance down and know what is behind you.
  5. sr510r06wa

    Anyone running a 5.5'' rear wheel on an 06smr??

    Siam, What i'm trying to do is get a wheel to go with that front hoop I'm going to buy from you. HAHA. So you think that going with a 5'' is the best way to go. I was kinda thinking that a 5.5'' moght be overkill unless your a pro leval racer witch I'm not. A 5'' will fit with minimal problem though right? Did you find out how much the shipping will be for that front wheel. PM me if you have.
  6. I am thinking about going with a bigger rear wheel for my smr510 o6' I was wondering if anyone out there is running a 5.5'' rear. Are there any clearance issues? Was it a pain to fit? etc? I am trying to choose between a 5'' and a 5.5'' Any advice would be appreciated, Thanks.
  7. sr510r06wa

    United Motors SMF 200 Competitive?

    Oh I see it now it was hidden off my screen thanks
  8. sr510r06wa

    United Motors SMF 200 Competitive?

    I agree but where do you get one is there a dealer network or sold thru existing dealerships. I have never seen anyone selling them around the seattle area where I'm from.
  9. sr510r06wa

    United Motors SMF 200 Competitive?

    Never seen that brand before. But its a good looking bike. And the price is sure right. I wonder about the quality of the suspension components. It dosent even say what size the forks are on the spec sheet on the web site. Its got me thinking thought that I might need a new "TOY" bike to screw around on for that price I could trash it and throw it away in a year or so. Bound to learn something and not beat up the big husky smr510 that uses me like I'm a the toy. lol.
  10. sr510r06wa

    Trade in question

    dont trade then in. I traded in a bike once. It was an 03 ktm 450exc with 16 hours on it. I traded it in in late 04. They gave me $3200 dollars. it was wort more like 5500. but i needed to trade it in. so,,,, dont
  11. sr510r06wa

    Head Noise

    I keep the idle on my o6 smr 510 set at about 1900-2000. It makes for lightning quick take offs and dosent seam to eat up the clutch I have put almost 4000 hard street, track, and trail miles on it that way with no problems.
  12. sr510r06wa

    Do plated dirtbikes need ORV tabs??

    If your bike has a license plate then you DO NOT need orv tabs. Its is right there in the RCW. I can look up the section and code # if anyone wants me to. I have copied the page at the library and now carry it with me, along with my registration and insurance. I have had to show it to a jack ass forest service worker more then once. It pays to be smarter and one step ahead of johnny law.
  13. sr510r06wa

    south nevada soupermoto

    So are any other husy riders planning on going to this kick ass race?????????
  14. sr510r06wa

    The Supermoto Race You Don't Want To Miss!

    I thought I might have a couple days as registration justa started today right? I'll Get on the ball thanks for the heads up!!
  15. sr510r06wa

    The Supermoto Race You Don't Want To Miss!

    just booked my room at buffalo bills Now to decide if I want to enter the race or not. Ill at least be the watching all the action though!!!!