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  1. wswain

    Oil problem?

    Righto thanks. When I filled it up I started it and it sat for about 10-15 mins I checked it and it was just above half. Thought after sitting for that time it would be right. I then checked it the next day cold and it was at the top of the sight glass. Might drop abit more out and next oil change I'll just measure out the 600ml.
  2. wswain

    Oil problem?

    Took it for a quick ride today (about half an hr)after dropping the oil level down abit went up an old 4wd track going up a small lookout and no smoke at all. Rode it fast,slow and idled at the bottom and top and no smoke. Maybe the oil level was just slightly over? the other day I rode it up the road to a mates and it didn't do it only when I went on that trail ride?
  3. wswain

    Oil problem?

    Thanks for the help, I did notice a small amount of oil in the airbox so I cleaned it out but couldn't see any in the intake tube, It has no smoke while riding but just did it after I stopped a few times( bike idling or shut off) will check the spark plug and go from there.
  4. wswain

    Oil problem?

    have a 2010 450exc haven't had it very long but did an oil change on it and the level was at the top of the sight glass. Took it for a good ride and noticed a few times when I stopped it would blow a lot of smoke once I took off ( more than the 2stroje riding with). I went to go up a hill and stopped for about 30sec halfway up the hill to get around another bike then took off and it was blowing a lot of smoke. It also did it when stopped to talk to another rider then went again up a small hill. It would go away after riding abit. I did notice a small amount of oil on the gearbox out of the breather but thought that was the gearbox vent? So I dropped the oil out into a measuring jug and it only measured just under 500mls. So I put 600ml back in as advised and it was at the top of the sight glass after running for a min, read the manual and it says half to top of sight glass so dropped abit out so its just above half. Do you guys think it was slightly over or do I have a bigger problem? Valve stem seals or something? Any help appreciated.
  5. wswain

    So I messed up...

    I would drain the resevoir and fill with the right fluid and bleed half a bottle or so thru it, I don't think it woulda done too much harm unless been in the bike for a long period of time
  6. wswain

    Clutch problem

    It says dot 4 brake fluid so I used it, the clutch lever feels good. The fluid didn't look too bad, I used a brake fluid sucker and just sucked it through about half a bottle. Was just concerned as it really banged into gear.
  7. wswain

    Clutch problem

    Have a 2010 450exc have only ridden it a few times since buying it but have noticed that the clutch seems to be playing up. The bike has just under 4000kms. When the bike is running with clutch in and u put it in first it creeps forward? The second thing is when you put it into gear it really crunches or bangs into gear hard? Have changed the gearbox oil, bled the hydraulic clutch( dealer said might be this) didn't make a difference, decided to pull the clutch out. The fibres look to have plenty on them, checked the steels on a flat surface all look flat, there is some slight marks on clutch basket teeth but they are still smooth. And the two little shims, Have some marks on them but one isn't flat? Have looked in all topics looking for some info but haven't found much. Thanks will
  8. wswain

    Starting-doing it right

    Yes am using the choke, the carby seemed pretty clean but I may have to replace the jet like you said. The bike runs great that is the only problem. I cleaned the tank and strainer when I had the tank out.
  9. Have recently bought a 2010 450 exc am when starting it the choke doesn't seem to work. Tried starting it cold with choke out wouldn't start but with choke in and hit of the throttle started straight away. It will also not idle with the choke on as soon as the choke is pulled on it dies. Pulled the carby off and cleaned it and one of the jets seemed blocked, put it back together and started it, it started and ran with the choke on so I thought it was all good. Started it about 15 mins later and the choke was useless again. Do I have a problem or Am I using the choke wrong on this bike, All my other bikes I started it with the choke let it run for a min then take the choke off and away went. Any opinions would be appreciated thanks
  10. wswain

    450exc lights

    Thanks mate I think it's in the switch, the light switch rotates all the way around so I'd say it's something in that.
  11. wswain

    450exc lights

    Hi I have just bought a 2010 exc450, it has only the headlight and tail light on it, they are not working. Have checked for fuses only found the one, checked for power with a test light at the connector in the airbox to the tail light and no power while bikes running. It does not have the indicators or horn hooked up but am sure they are not needed for the lights. Maybe a relay or fuse elsewhere Any help appreciated thanks will
  12. Hey englertracing. How do I go about getting this remap( am in aus). I had the local bike shop set the idle higher , they said around 1800 or something.
  13. I put a +17 on my 09 model. Does help but it still does stall abit. Just keep the rpm up.
  14. wswain

    Thinking 09crf450?

    I have recently just bought a stock 09, I'll tell u what I think of it. Coming off a 04 yz450f, the power on the crf is amazing, heaps of power and very responsive. Good handling and lighter than the old yz. The only negative I have is the clutch in tight woods riding, it I'd a killer but hopefully this heavier flywheel I've ordered and maybe some different gearing will help it. I hope.
  15. wswain

    Got a question 09model

    Ok thanks, yeh I asked for the right puller for it too. I'll see how I go when it comes. What type of parts u got? I'm in aus that's all so gotta be worth shipping them