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  1. desertwalker62

    2005 KLR650 Powercore 4 Jetting

    Hey guys... i looked but probably not hard enough.... i am overhauling my buddies new to him KLR and got a giant bag of new parts to sort through, including a full Powercore4 exhaust/header and a JD jet kit... However i think Jet kit is really for opening airbox with stock exhaust... there are larger main jets but zero pilot jets, drill bit for slide, allen bolt replacement, zero gaskets/float needle/mix o-ring.... usually with the new exhaust i'd go up one size on pilot and main and tune from there... FMF doesn't have suggestions for this "old" moto, so wondering what you guys know... anyone with similar set-up or enough experience with KLR to guess? particularly if a pilot change would be necessry like i believe??? the tank is aftermarket, large, plastic, no vent lines on tank or on the petcock... petcock is leaking in off position... abandoning the vacuum system as easy as capping the the carb port??? thanks for your thoughts...
  2. desertwalker62

    Big Girl Nylons

    damn auto correct,,,, *mitch
  3. desertwalker62

    Big Girl Nylons

    Wow... All you guys are still here??? hey bitch, i know something you could wear! haha.... honestly though, i know more than one racer that wears his girlfriends old thigh high wool socks.... little bow and all.... cheap and breath really well.... check ebay for roller derby over knee socks....
  4. desertwalker62

    Joshua Tree EASTER ENDO! April 17th

    See yall out there
  5. desertwalker62

    Joshua Tree EASTER ENDO! April 17th

  6. desertwalker62

    Joshua Tree EASTER ENDO! April 17th

    World's biggest skid mark... shit talking...
  7. desertwalker62

    Joshua Tree EASTER ENDO! April 17th

    you all know what i was gonna say!
  8. desertwalker62

    Joshua Tree EASTER ENDO! April 17th

    are you kidding??? hott women are a GUARANTEE in this town!
  9. desertwalker62

    Joshua Tree EASTER ENDO! April 17th

    its more of a fast ride and while i am not advertising any group i work with, but since the very first ride, i DO have medical training and volunteer as rapid response from a dirtbike.... we HAVE had 4wd drive vehicles on hand and used them to extract riders in an area i could not tow or push out of... being that its just a timed and tracked group ride (for safety of course) its like just being out riding with your buddies except theres a lot more of them and you can keep riding your own pace and continually ride with people and have a race-y experience... we have also been fortunate to have the support of local community member who come out and volunteer and love the madness that is our lives!!! most of the race is slow paced which also helps manage the trauma, but obviously nothing is completely avoidable... there is a sheriffs SAR helicopter barely 5 miles /911 call away at the local hospital...
  10. desertwalker62

    Joshua Tree EASTER ENDO! April 17th

  11. Be Here or Be Slandered!
  12. desertwalker62

    CA Race thread

    Bitches... Be here or be slandered!!! file:///Users/kevinwalker/Desktop/endo2016.jpg
  13. desertwalker62

    CA Race thread

    first race ever!!! did the whole thing on a single tank and no pit crew.... super super cool!!! miss that shit!
  14. desertwalker62

    Genuine CRF450 camchain or aftermarket XR400 camchain?

    it ate up the guides on mine... tore apart the raised edge little by little... found all the pieces in the frame strainer... wiseco for xr in the latest.... $45