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  1. Child

    Ride for free

    Go ride the heck out of it while you can. There was a place like that next to my old house, a guy bought a few acres of land in the middle of no where and didn't care if people rode on it. Lots of trails and hill climbs, it was great. Then a kid got hurt. The family of the kid didn't sue, the health insurnce company sued for the guy letting people ride there without written consent forms or no trespassing signs. The way I heard it is if the guy had posted No Trespassing signs the health insurance company wouldn't have had to pay out since the kid was riding where he shouldn't have been, but since there wasn't a sign and the guy didn't have consent forms to ride on it he was negligable. In the end there were no trespassing signs and the lot was quickly for sale and the police regularly patrolled the area looking for people on the property (the lot was next to the local prison). Like I said, enjoy the heck out of it. It might not be there long enough!
  2. Child

    CS Seal question

    Yup, new spacer and o-ring, too. The notches in the spacer are suppose to face in towards the engine, right, not out toward the sprocket? The o-ring fit in the spacer and the spacer fits inside the seal on the shaft? Just making sure I have my ducks in a row.
  3. Child

    CS Seal question

    How far in is too far? I had a loose nut, ruined the first seal. I bought all the replacement parts, put it back together, and low and behold, a mile down the road and I'm dumping oil again. The only thing I can think of that I did wrong is that when I put the seal back in one side was about 1/8 inch pushed in too far, otherwise the rest of the seal is flush against the lip. Is that 1/8 inch really enough to make it puke oil that quickly or am I looking at something worse that I'm just not seeing? I'm getting pretty frustrated trying to fix this darn issue as I've been working on it for a while now. Bullet proof bike....
  4. Child

    Stopped Thieves From Stealing my Bike

    There are very very few cases in which innocent people are shot on purpose. There are stories of kids shooting each other on accident, but its pretty rare that some loon just wonders out to shoot someone. And honestly, the guy who just shoots a random someone without just cause, is usually the kind of guy who is gonna hurt or kill someone in a bar fight just because. You'll never get away from crazies, even when the guns are gone.
  5. Child

    Yes, I'm vain...

    I had a pic of myself on my cell phone for a while. I don't have any over the house, although my girl has one at her desk. Gotta love gorgeous bikes and the retards piloting them!
  6. Child

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    New chain and sprockets (14,41 due to the shop messing up the order... I wanted 15), straightened the forks back out after a little toss down, filed off the broken brake lever end (Now its a 3 finger!). Next it to clean up the XR and maybe fit some F3 wheels on it to accompany the DRZ!
  7. Child

    Different kind of ticking

    Thanks guys, I will hit it on Friday. OBrianmcc, it isn't the suspension, that was actually my first suspicion when I first heard the noise, but again it doesn't make the noise under anything other than engine breaking.
  8. Child

    Different kind of ticking

    05 DRZSM 8k I'm gonna take a really close look at the chain. Seems that is the general conclusion for most people I've asked.
  9. Child

    Different kind of ticking

    Yes, the sounds stops when I pull the clutch in. If I pull the clutch in and let it coast I don't get any noise, and still no noise if I apply brake, either front or back.
  10. Child

    Different kind of ticking

    So I've done a search and only found discussion of the MCCT/valve ticking. My ticking is different. The bike doesn't make a ticking sound at idling, under acceleration, or cruising. It only makes the sound during engine braking. If I pull in the clutch, the sound stops. The tick itself isn't normal. It sounds like a metallic heartbeat. Again, only on decel engine breaking: tick tick -- tick tick -- tick tick. The sound doesn't really seem to be related to engine rpm as the the speed of the tick only marginally slows down, almost not even noticeable in time. Any ideas? Thanks guys.
  11. Child

    New Handle bars for Pops

    Those guys don't make a 1 1/8th size riser... Looks like quality product, but you can only use a 7/8th bar.
  12. Child

    New Handle bars for Pops

    Hey, I just ordered a set of the Pastrana FMX bars from Pro Taper. They are the tallest bar Pro Taper makes I believe. The only one taller is the woods set by Easton, but those bars are extremely expensive. Take a look a the FMX if you're Pops is 6'5.
  13. Child

    my first bike comparison

    Well, if you're looking at an offroad vehicle the WR is a better bike. The weight makes a big difference. The DRZ is a better street bike and while it is capable offroad it isn't the best by any stretch. But, since this is the DRZ section: I heart my DRZSM
  14. Yeah, its gearing. I have a 96 XR4 with a filter, full Big Gun exhaust, and rejet. The engine is set up for loping around and making a lot of low end power which helps in the wheelie department, but its also geared VERY low. My DRZ SM has a full Ti FMF, FCR, filter, and stock gearing and it doesn't even come close to pulling up like my XR does, and its got probably 10 to 12 more ponies than the XR. However, I'd be lucky to hit 60 on my XR...
  15. Child

    Calling all Western WA riders

    Are you on any of the local forums? The NSR crew goes out for sumo/dual sport rides from time to time. Lots of fun! Here if from the last time we went out.