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  1. birdland101

    Rotella 15-40

    Raced at high level with 4 strokes and 2 stroke bikes for years. Used synthetic rosella for years. Rotella makes several types of oil some for diesel some for gas engines. It has been known to be a good oil, millions of miles in cross country freight haulers etc. Doesn't cause sludge. This forum is ridiculous.
  2. birdland101

    Buying a new Ktm 450sxf 2017

    Picked mine up this weekend and took her out on the washington trails. It handles like no other bike I have owned. It is light and flickable, it sticks like glue to the trail and the deep throaty power is completely addictive. I have fallen in love again.... Will not worry about a rekluse as long as I have electric start. Did not seem to want to stall or overheat, but I am a foster type rider.
  3. birdland101

    2015 Desert 100

    I have 3 passes for the 2015 desert 100 for $45 each. text me 253-278-3753. Steve
  4. birdland101

    Best way to deal with annoying riders

    You said Riders, not annoying children?
  5. birdland101

    Clutch help

    First adjust clutch arm on engine and then up at bars. If that don't work then get new clutch plates.
  6. Fastest dirt bike is the one with the biggest motor with the most horse power, torque and proper gearing to make it go fast. You know like putting a rocket engine on the back of a motorcycle at the Bonneville Salt Flats. That would be fast huh huh. A rocket engine huh huh. Or maybe one of those stripped down Ktm 9000 adventure bikes. Or maybe a XR6500r all bored out with a killer powerband in it..... Dumb topic...........................................................
  7. birdland101

    technology killing mx?

    Technology my arse. Try human greed. Oh yeah, take some aluminum, lathe it down, drill a hole in it, measure and cut and bang, you have an overpriced dirt bike part that you can sell to all you idiots for too much money !
  8. birdland101

    technology killing mx?

    The main point should be is stop ripping us dirt bike riders off ! Yeah that inlcudes you jerks on fleabay selling parts for ridiculous prices as well. This sport has gotton way to expensive than it should be. All the parts are ridiculously over priced and I am sick of it...
  9. birdland101

    Pro Taper pillowtop grips....love? hate?

    There is a reason why they are taking over sales of most other grips, Duh. I luv them.
  10. birdland101

    Neck Brace? Yes, No?

    Yes I have heard of lots of clavicle brakes from the Leatt digging into the collar bone during impact, yes side impact. As it did my shoulder when I hit hard pack it dug into my collar bone and seperated my shoulder, Grade 3 seperation requiring surgical stabilization, ie a bolt to hold it together. It hurt the most initially where the brace dug into my clavicle. Did it save my neck, I dont think so. Here are some points, everybodys neck and head are shaped different, you cant fit these braces for everyone. What type of impact is going to injure the spinal cord ? Well most likely a burst type fracture that will expode the vertebrae and that most likely will be direct downward impact or compressive type impact of landing on top of your head. How often does that happen in motorcycling, hmmm, not too often but I guess it can. Will a brace stop downward compressive force, no , probably not, as it is not designed to do that. I wear an Airoh helmet that is light, and a soft neck roll. A lighter helmet will logically minimize mass and whiplash type forces, a neck roll will not brake your collar bone and will allow for more neck movement and save you money. PS dont land on your head.
  11. birdland101

    Good race fuel for 2 stroke?

    Is breathing leaded race gas and av gas a good thing? I dont think I want to breathe your lead..
  12. birdland101

    Mika Ahola?

    A great rider for sure!
  13. birdland101

    What's the best chain lube?

    Motorex off road chain lube. Cleans off easy, doesnt attract dirt and doesnt fly off while riding.. The best
  14. birdland101

    What’s your next bike and why?

    ditto on the 2014 rmz450.
  15. birdland101

    ThumperTalk Product of the Year: You Pick!

    I would like to thank.... Shock Socks, waffle gel grips, maxxis it rear tires, SDG gripper seats, fmf turbine core for the 2 strokers, renthal bars and my witchy wife for making all my dreams come true.