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  1. ausgeflippt13

    07 WR450 radiator question

    Anything can be rewelded, anything. ...ok maybe not *anything*, but this can def be repaired.
  2. ausgeflippt13

    Slow comming back down to idle

    Larger pilot jet should make the problem go away. I had to go up two sizes when I built my bike. You'd probably be fine w/ only a single step up judging from the mods. Once the larger jet is in, then fine tune it w/ the air screw.
  3. ausgeflippt13

    Which Generation WR Do You Have?

    '99 WR in a '98 YZ...best of both worlds baby ...and it's plated...
  4. ausgeflippt13

    Help! WR-426 oil burn

    You will also get blue smoke immediately after replacing piston/rings due to them "settling" in. Also, oil is rubbed on the inside of the cylinder upon installation. Now, if it's smoking for more than, oh, say, 30 min, then something's wrong. Get your money back or sue in small claims court
  5. ausgeflippt13

    Chocolate milk for oil?

    sounds like a head gasket...have you been overly hard on the bike? ...I know that's a loaded question, but you know what I mean...
  6. ausgeflippt13


    Why doesn't anybody ever do a search anymore???
  7. ausgeflippt13

    Yamaha wr450 regulator/rectifier testing

    It's not ever the rectifier's fault (well, never say never...); it's almost always the fault of a bad ground. Regulator/rectifiers need a FANTASTIC ground in order to function well, and without it the current will pass thru the system unperturbed by the reg/rec. I had my reg ground to the same place as my lights (underneath the seat on the frame) and after blowing a bulb upon testing, I realized the ground wasn't going to do. So, I moved it to a motor mount (for JUST the reg, nothing else should go there) and everything has worked peachy since. I had a choice of two reg's: the Yami brand one at $60 or the generic one used for Harleys (tells you something about harleys ) for a mere $12 or so. It's all about grounding!
  8. ausgeflippt13

    1999 WR400F Purchase?

    Whatever you do, go for a WR. Whether it turns out to be a 400, 426, 450 will depend upon what you find. I agree on the e-start comment; it really is a huge help. But, if that wr400 really is a bargain, snatch it up imeeeeediately - it won't let you down, that's for sure.
  9. ausgeflippt13

    wr450 Top End. What should we do?

    You said you bent some valves, but didn't say whether the rest of the head was bad. Is there pitting or did the valves merely bend in their guides? There might still be a chance for the head; hopefully you'll merely have to re-valve and guide it. Check out Bob Tracy's http://www.worldofcycles.com/ I got a WR400f CDi for $100 less than the cheapest dealer I could find. He's got killer pricing.
  10. ausgeflippt13

    Valve adjust cost?

    Sure I'd be willing to help, so long as you have info on the valve clearances, etc. I live here in Tucson and would be more than happy to help, but don't know any of the tolerances from memory Anyone here have the specs for valves on an '01 WR426f? PM me if you're interested on getting together
  11. ausgeflippt13

    overflow tank

    You could simply make it...check out my garage for my overflow I mounted on my YZ. $0 and it works like a charm. Just a suggestion...
  12. ausgeflippt13

    Help! 05 WR450 big problems

    ...raise your idle??? haha
  13. ausgeflippt13


    I just finished building my yz400f to be an enduro bike and handle HL/BL, but I went the simple route of buying a busted WR bottom end off of ebay for $200. I rewelded it and all is right with the world. Whatever you do, make sure you're using a Voltage Regulator if you go the stator route. I was testing connectivity and my reg had a bad ground and I immediately sent 25V to my HL once I got up to 5000 rpm. Bottom line: voltage reg with a quality ground. You can see my setup in my garage.
  14. ausgeflippt13

    Wr450 or, the DRZ400SM

    where will you be going to school? Check your school out to see if they have a Formula SAE program. It's a nation-wide (and worldwide for other branches) engineering design competition where we build an open-wheeled, formula-style racecar using any 4-stroke piston engine under 610cc. Here at the U of Arizona, we use a GSX-R600 motor, but the majority of teams run F4i motors. sorry for hijacking your thread...
  15. ausgeflippt13

    2007 Headlight wiring for dual-sport

    Hell I bought a hi/low/off switch from the local hardware store and wired it up to the high low of the HL's. I decided to use separate HL's for high and low, but regardless of how you do it it will work. Easiest way to wire it is to wire each of the hot leads from the HL (mine were halogen so polarity mattered - had a hot lead and a ground) to each pole of the Hi/low switch. Then, run your hot lead coming off of the stator to the center terminal of the switch. Finally, ground the black wires of the headlights to somewhere on the frame. FYI this was for an AC setup from a 99, so it shouldn't necessarily be the same for your bike (DC, right? ...don't keep tabs on them newfangled ones...). haha so this might not have been any help to you at all...