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  1. Clear-a-Path

    Don't ever sell your DRZ's

    I have had about 30 bikes, from an RC51 to a RS125r gp bike. I now have both a DR650 and DRZ400sm. I like the DR better even on the street with dual sport tires, and i'd trade it today for another DR. Just never connected with the bike.
  2. Clear-a-Path

    Motard DR or add drz400sm

    I have a 2006 DR and a 2007 DRZ400SM. For the cost buying a stock SM i think is a better deal, but with that said i would trade my SM for another DR.
  3. Clear-a-Path

    Gas mileage

    Yeah, with the airbox/jetting mods i get 50mpg average, 45 low, 55 high.
  4. Clear-a-Path

    fork rebuild double check

    Thanks. I took it out for a ride and the fork springs make a huge difference! The only problem is the rear now feels soft and bouncy. I guess i'll be calling Jesse to get a new rear spring.
  5. Clear-a-Path

    fork rebuild double check

    So I rebuilt the forks on my ’06 DR since the fork seal were leaking. I just want to double check that I did it right. I replace both “inter tube metal” and “outer tube metal”. The “inter tube metal”, what I would call the piston, was oblivious and snapped into the end of the inner tube. The “outer tube metal” looks like it just floats on the inner tube below the seals? The “oil lock piece”, a white plastic tube, I inserted into the bottom of the inner tube with the tapered side “up” and then dropped the damper rod into the inner tube and into the oil lock piece. Then the washer, “retainer”, that sits below the oil seal and dust seal and then put the inner rod assembly into the outer tube and used the 8mm bolt to fasten the dampening rod to the outer tube. I used a 2” PVC coupler that I machined down a little to then seat the oil seal and dust seal, and installed the “stopper ring”. I then Filled the fork to 6.5” below the top of the inner tube (I used a 12” scale as a dip stick to adjust the level) with the spring out and the inner tube fully compressed. Put the spring back in, a washer, the spacer, another washer and the cap. It seems right but I have a slight friction noise when I compress the forks. I’m not sure if this is normal or if did something wrong?
  6. Clear-a-Path

    Turn Signals...what are you guys doing???

    I have a friend that is looking for a OEM set of signals....please let me know if you want to sell them.
  7. Clear-a-Path

    Might be selling my Stock DR650 wheels...

    i would be interested in buying the set.
  8. Clear-a-Path

    Front fork leaking

    Just got my seals and doing my this weekend.
  9. Clear-a-Path

    2001 DR650 TDC marks HELP!

    You might want to look in the service manual.
  10. Clear-a-Path

    DR tail light

    You can fix the stock tail light if you want to. Just remove the lens and bend the bracket back a bit and it will be snug again. Also, i have a friend looking for stock turn signals if anyones has some they want to sell.
  11. Clear-a-Path

    Looking for Turn Signal Electrical Connectors

    Does anyone have a set of stock signals for sale? I have a friend that is looking for some.
  12. Clear-a-Path

    I know it's DS tire question, sorry.

    I have also had the GP-1's and found them to be a very good 50/50 tire. I was very surprised to find they lasted as long as the TW's. As was said, all tires are going to be better when new and even 606's or MT21's are not much better after 50% of the tread is gone. My brother is running a set of the 270's and they seem to be the same as the GP-1's, maybe a different rubber compound. For less than $100 a pair, the GP-1's of 270's are a good choice.
  13. Clear-a-Path

    2000 DR650 starting noise???

    My '06 has done it a few times on start up, but only when is was very cold, below freezing. It like the starter gear gets stuck and then disengages a little late.
  14. Clear-a-Path

    650 e-starter problems

    I noticed on my '06 that after washing the bike there is no way for water to get out. I have to tilt the bike to the right and stuff a dry rag between the back of the starter and case to get the water out.
  15. Clear-a-Path

    cracks in finish on engine case?

    They are not really "cracks" in the part, If you look close they are "positive" . Like Rob said it is a normal part of the casting process...more than likly sand cast.