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  1. ACS

    TTR-125 Engine in YZ Frame?

    Many TTR125 motors have been slipped into YZ85 frames. Tank clearance is the biggest problem. A BBR frame is the best option.
  2. I have recently tried to fit the "big" Webcams in a 2012 450 SXF and found that with stock and Wiseco hi comp that valves touch the piston in different ways on either piston. The others have it right for piston to valve clearence but I am struggling to work out how to get clearence without a massive drop in compression with either cutting the piston or running a base gasket / spacer or a combo of them. Has anybody done it and / or is there a piston available from another manafacturer that will work? Say CP or ?
  3. ACS

    ttr 125 counterbalancer

    Yes Easy job when cases are split. Just leave it out. If you want ultimate light weight bottom end remove the counterbalance drive gear on the crank and replace with a aluminum spacer. Motor has a slight bit more vibration but with massively machined flywheel the motor revs very freely.
  4. ACS

    Picture of fuel filter

    On the fuel injected bikes the filter and fittings have to deal with pressure. There is the factory filter that can be retrofitted in the line. Its a tiny cone filter that can be easily back flushed. Part number is on here somewhere............. They are also in the new injector kits
  5. Ville Do you have the part number for the rubber cap?
  6. Most likely a blocked injector. Can be cleaned or replaced and get the new inline filter. There are a number of posts to help out how to clean the injector.
  7. ACS

    Ktm 350 sx-f valve issue

    Probably the valve seized in the guide. Happens occasionally but not hear of it in the new 350. If its seized lucky that KTM is paying as it means new guide, valve and proper seat cutting to match. Not cheap!
  8. ACS

    Findng TDC on a 350 sxf

    The screw already has the point on it. 6mm allen head bolt. You just remove the bolt take off the copper washer and then reinstall the bolt into the v grove when its visible. If you go as far to do the straw I would go a tiny bit furter and remove the valve cover as you would be so close with all the bits to remove to get in there and get the straw down. As far as I am aware the TDC doesnt matter whether its firing or not as its only to lock the motor so things dont move with the tensioner install.
  9. ACS

    Findng TDC on a 350 sxf

    The 350 has a locking screw below the water pump, it basically puts a pointed screw into a v cut into the flywheel webs. You can lay the bike on the side remove the screw, take off the copper washer / spacer, slowly turn over the motor and with a light spot the v in the crank and screw in the locking screw and it is in TDC.
  10. ACS

    SXF350 valve clearance?

    Intake 0.10 - 0.15 Exhaust 0.13 - 0.18 Line the cams up on the rear flats up (not the cam drive side) and you can see two dots on the cam bridge, when all four are visible ie two dots on each side its TDC and locking screw goes into case same as 250 SXF motor.
  11. ACS

    350 SX-F corner entry

    On the 2011 250 we have gone to 20 mm clamps. Currently using early 09 ones with longer bolts in the steering stops. Helps turning no end.
  12. ACS

    cam help please?

    Depends on the year. What year is your bike as some cam combo's work better than others.
  13. Landed one of the Kitaco 58mm bore kits with the cam for the TTR125. The Kitaco cam is milder than the Powroll one. Has anybody tried the Powroll cam with the Kitaco piston and is there clearance issues that I will have to fix so I can plan my work.
  14. ACS

    cam help please?

    In the UK get a new KTM cam it will be cheaper than going to USA regrinds etc. It you want to wake it up a bit at the same time use the 06 stock cams or SXS cams. Find out why it has damaged the cam. Most likely will be lint in the oil squirters. Always blow back down the jets in the oil delivery lines to clean out the debris.
  15. ACS

    100 transmission swap

    The XR80 is close ratio box. They can be made to fit. Socalxr may have the info on fitting it up into the 100 cases. Phil Shilling actually used to do it. I have the info somewhere..........No idea where just now