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  1. gc8andy

    2013 Triumph Scrambler 900

    Time Left: 18 days and 9 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    2013 Triumph scrambler 900 Fuel injection 2nd owner 3500 miles LED lighting (headlight, tail light, running light, blinkers) Jpr levers anodized aluminum sprocket guard Rear fender eliminator TEC rear shocks mass Moto full exhaust Efi tune (arrow w/baffle) Sai delete K&n air filter Key, horn, rectifier relocation Folding shift lever Battery tender lead Biltwell Moto bar Biltwell grips Rox risers Asking $5900 Located in NNJ


    Randolph, New Jersey - US

  2. gc8andy

    new rims on the wr250r!!!

    they look awesome!
  3. gc8andy

    DR 650 Dash

    looks great, I would love to clean up my dash and hide my hid wire harness
  4. gc8andy

    FS: 01-02 GSXR Can

    sold thanks guys
  5. gc8andy

    FS: 01-02 GSXR Can

    I have a GSXR can that I want to get rid of, I got it to do the mod, but I got an FMF instead and I really like the FMF so I am going to keep it on. If anyone wants the GSXR Can shoot me a PM Wanted to offer it to my fellow thumper talk DR'ers before I put it on ebay Thanks Andy
  6. gc8andy

    gsxr1000 aftermarkect can

    lol I wasn't hitting the Rev Limiter, it was breaking up under 6k, but I played with the jetting and I opened up the air box a bit, put in a 165 and I think I got it dialed in. the needle is still on the 4th clip and it seems good, checked the plugs and they are a good color. Thanks for the input! Next on the list is suspension and Motard wheels those are exspensive next steps so maybe over winter, along with my base gasket....and since your recent thread maybe the Hi comp piston
  7. gc8andy

    gsxr1000 aftermarkect can

    think I got it, after doing some thread searching I cut the air box a bit and that got rid of the breaking up on the high end, so a 160 and air box mod and it is running good
  8. gc8andy

    gsxr1000 aftermarkect can

    Yea I tried a 160 this morning and it helped it on the wide open but it still breaks up at the higher rpms, 155?
  9. gc8andy

    gsxr1000 aftermarkect can

    yea I am really happy with it
  10. gc8andy

    Pelican Case mounted

    sorry took too long to get a pic and upload it but here it is, I made flat metal brackets and used bolts through the case, this is a picture of under the rack, also I will include a picture of the 3M reflective black tape I put on for safety
  11. gc8andy

    gsxr1000 aftermarkect can

    Well I did it! I started with the carb, I knew I was putting the straight pipe on so I went with the biggest jet in the DJ jet kit, 170! once I put the jet in I installed the needle and drilled the extra hole, and I also put in the extended fuel screw. put the new pipe on with the modded Two Bros mid pipe, everything bolted up perfect and easy. First impression, once started it idled perfect, 2 1/2 turns out on the fuel screw, and it sounded amazing, nice and deep. may be loud for some and at 11 30 at night it was very loud lol. The Idle was not too loud but once you rev'ed it up a bit it got loud. No more stealth mode. Took it out for a ride, it sounds great! The only issue I have is when I give it a fist full of throttle it hits a wall, you can cruise at normal speed but it you try to rip it a little it wont go. I am still new to jetting carbs, my mechanic at work said I need to go up a size jet or move the needle position. Any input? Lowercase, what was your jetting settings for the M4? Thanks! enjoy the pictures
  12. gc8andy

    Did the Quarry Run on my 94' DR350SE!

    My co-worker (bob on teh Husqvarna) was there and was riding with you, he said you did good for having a bald tire! Very impressed "we all had a good ride and a fun day! Hope to do it again next year...maybe smitty can keep up next year" ~Bob
  13. gc8andy

    Mx Rob

    im looking forward to reading the review
  14. gc8andy

    16 Tooth PBI front sprkt from Jesse...

    I think I am going to try one out also
  15. gc8andy

    Pelican Case mounted

    it can with a pad lock I do a lot of oil changes Side jobs for cash are the best