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  1. 36MotoMarc


    &%$#@!!!!! This dude is just bizarre. This is the strangest crap I've ever seen on a forum. First on CH, now here, probably elsewhere. Weird, I wonder why a dealer took out a restraining order on him, no way he would be a disruption in person.....
  2. 36MotoMarc

    Blake Wharton - Aggressive

    I agree. I think Blake is one of the more well-spoken and smarter guys out there, I'm sure he knows this.
  3. Question >>>>> Are dimable LED's done by varying the input voltage, or is it a function of the diode???
  4. RC car batteries have no control board, the low-voltage cutoff is part of the ESC as someone said. Should work fine but a voltmeter would be smart. But you will have no luck trying to "dim" an LED.....it is either emmitting or it is not as far as i've seen.....
  5. 36MotoMarc

    Metcalfe Racing in Canada.....

    Only midway on the list of " Canada sucks at...."
  6. 36MotoMarc

    Nick Wey come back

    It's his home track, I hope he shows well there. I like him as well but he is in the twilight of his carreer. In this field I think even top tens are a pipe dream. Is he gonna beat RV, RD, JS, Bam, tankslaps, TC, CR, AS, JBray, Deano, Tyla, on and on and on..... I think not. top 15's would be good and top 20's more realisitic..... No shame in a top 20 and no disrespect to Nick, he had a great carreer and has a great pesonality. Just the facts.
  7. 36MotoMarc

    (rumour) BMW selling Husky to KTM?

    Douche. Single-handedly made this forum an irrelevant ghost town. You fawning noobs are pardoned for your ignorance.
  8. 36MotoMarc

    Deano Is Out

    Nice. Looks like poppin a boner on the first lap of a heatrace gets you the injury "combo platter".
  9. 36MotoMarc

    Metcalfe Racing in Canada.....

    LMAO now that's just funny, even for a Canyadian!
  10. And especially the pressure it passes through the injector at. Di necesitates much higher injection pressures and delivers superior atomization.
  11. 36MotoMarc

    LIVE TIMING from Qatar MXGP

    Looks like Livia was 5-10 seconds off the pace to qualify.
  12. 36MotoMarc

    Ryans air shock

    Airshocks are gimicky garbage. Airforks are only slightly more viable. It's not a lil ol mountain bike. That was the most embarassing mechanical failure in recent history. 5 needs to put his foot down and say he's not riding that POS shock. Good on the Dunge for clearing his head and CRUSHING the main!
  13. 36MotoMarc

    dungey is capable

    Pffff. Luck lmao what's your idea of bad luck!!. No chance in heat, ride LCQ, worst gate for main..... ya great luck . He made his own luck and crushed. Pulled away. Great job Dunge!
  14. 36MotoMarc

    (rumour) BMW selling Husky to KTM?

    No I'M LMAO!!!!! BAHAHAhahah!! I'm just a paying customer YOU are the circus act!! Man up, pal, it's all there in the archives. Nothing you've said has played out like you said. NOTHING!!!!! LOLOLOL It's all there your crap has come full circle! Now you're trying to educate us on PIERER lol and you and the butthurtgang are blubbering about about a successfull Husky-dedicated website, and a successfull Husky-dedicated Businessman!!! If Mr. Washington bothers to read this crap he's gotta be LAUGHING at his bank before he heads out for a ride (Have YOU ridden lately, HR??!!)!!! Come to Wisco for a taste of snofence or invite me out for a taste of the dirt of your choice!! If you dared call Andy Jefferson a clown in front of me I'd cut your... fuel line..... It's all there, Great People of Thumpertalk!! If I seem mean-spirited, take a bit to look back at all the crap this guy has spewed. You'll get it, he'd be held in contempt of court in a legal setting. Don't listen to a thing this bloviating fool says.
  15. 36MotoMarc

    (rumour) BMW selling Husky to KTM?

    Because he knows everything, see? Despite being so wrong at everything he's predicted/presented as fact for YEARS!! Don't listen to a damn thing this bloviating fool says. Probably a nice guy but so full of himself, the internet crapspeak is just too much to take. Christ just look at the foolishness of his first bulletpoint post in this thread. ALL GARBAGE but delivered like a teacher af all things Husky. Pffft. Nothing but garbage from his keyboard. Garbage.