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  1. Ricktc

    Riding Partners/Tour Guides Wanted Dec 26-Jan 1

    How has the weather been looking as of late? Also are you still available to ride? -Rick
  2. Ricktc

    Riding Partners/Tour Guides Wanted Dec 26-Jan 1

    Awesome sounds good will keep in touch and look at those other forums! Thanks!
  3. Will be heading down to AZ during those days and was hoping to be able to have a few guys to show me around and ride some single track with. May hit a few MX tracks as well. Staying in Mesa I believe, girlfriend's aunt and uncle have a condo there, willing to drive as far as needed to ride. Can ride every day any time. A-rider that likes gnarly single track, tougher you can show me the better. Ride a KTM 300 XCW set up for single track. The offer is extended from me as well to anyone who would ever want to ride in Alberta there is tons of awesome riding I can show up here for those interested. -Rick
  4. Ricktc

    Lethbridge Cactus Coulee Harescramble

    Good job Lee, I was in Intermediate, ended up 6th! -Rick
  5. Ricktc

    Wheel interchangeability

    Hi there, wondering if a rear wheel from an '06 300xcw will fit my '08 300xcw. If not, will alternate spacers work, etc? Used search function but couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance. -Rick
  6. Ricktc

    Who's Got The Oldest (working) Bike?

    I had the exact same first bike! I bet I have a picture somewhere, I'll try to find it. -Rick
  7. Ricktc

    Who's Got The Oldest (working) Bike?

    1969 Yamaha DT250, still runs fairly strong. -Rick
  8. Man that man is fast! Great video with the 2 perspectives, awesome action at the end for sure! -Rick
  9. Wanted to make this race so bad but was really sick the week prior so decided not to go. Good vids. -Rick
  10. Ricktc

    Any Alberta Riders?

    Yep, Lethbridge. Check out rockymountaindirtriders.com for a big Alberta community. -Rick
  11. Ricktc

    Weight Loss Challenge

    I'm down to 153 now, Not much but it's something to keep the thread going! -Rick
  12. Ricktc

    Best Way To Run For MX Endurance?

    Intervals are the best way to increase endurance. I run 3-4 times a week for about 45 minutes in the off season when I'm training. -Rick
  13. Ricktc

    Moto Lytton BC

    Sweet videos, looks like you guys have awesome trails out there. Where in BC are you riding? I am from Crowsnest Pass, on the BC border in Hwy 3. -Rick
  14. Ricktc

    Weight Loss Challenge

    My cardio is worlds better, now I can ride a 3 hour hare scramble and still feel good to ride after if needed, whereas before I'd probably have died out there mid-race. Lost a lot of fat on my belly and chest for sure. PS I hit 155 today. Riding 4 days a week has been doing me just as much good as going to the gym! -Rick
  15. Ricktc

    Weight Loss Challenge

    I'm at 157 now. Not much I know, but I'm trying to keep the thread going! -Rick