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    x/c and hare scrambles, playing hockey,make work projects for my bike.
  1. This is great, inspirational for us older riders.... keep up the good work, cheers!
  2. yzcanuck

    My First Real Wipeout..

    My break was bad too, the doc said if I had broken my right collar bone the way the left broke they would have operated and plated the 2 halves together but since it was my left collar bone and I am right handed they let it be. I also wore the 2 strap set up. I had a pretty good bump sticking up and the collar bone sure looked crooked ( much better looking now ) After about 6 months I had about 80% movement/full range. I was back playing the last 5 hockey games of the season. The beginning of ball season was a little tricky. Reaching up for an over the head catch with my glove in the left hand would have me crinching but I think in the end ball was good for it. Automatic therapy. 6 months in I could ride with out feeling any pain. 8 months in and 100% movement. It'll all be good, and you will heel a lot quicker the I did, age is everything in the heeling process. Good luck.
  3. yzcanuck

    My First Real Wipeout..

    Be patient in letting your collar bone heel, just when you think this is never gonna heel right it turns out to be as good as new or as before. I broke mine 1 year ago.
  4. When I was a kid I lived in northern B.C. ( logging camp ) and rode a big wheel keystone year round. Riding in the winter was a blast. When the snow was hard enough to walk on you could ride anywhere, except up hill.. Another great video.
  5. yzcanuck

    Nearly Lost a Bike In a Flash Flood

    Sweet video, enjoyed every minute. Reminds me of my youth living in northern B.C. riding and snowmobiling and having trouble on the trails just like you guys
  6. yzcanuck

    Virginia City Short Film

    Quite the crash at the 5:44 mark. Not sure if it was full on racing at this point or still part of the parade??? but someone was a little heavy on the throttle.
  7. yzcanuck

    First Race Of The Year!

    You rode great. You had some pretty good battles going on and those bottle necks looked like a royal pain. Nice air time on that last loop
  8. yzcanuck

    Virginia City Short Film

    Inspiring!.. 50 year old guy here still racing too. Started racing in my early 40's as well. Thanks for the vid
  9. I like the view/mount of the camera
  10. yzcanuck

    Got on board '13 WR125

    WR300 plated here
  11. yzcanuck

    Man And Machine

    Awesome video, see you at Riviere's Revendge
  12. yzcanuck

    Greg's Enduro Training Grounds 2

    Nice video, good practice area. What camera are you using and what are your settings at?
  13. yzcanuck

    Husky Mounment Meet and Greet

    So can you tell us with out a doubt that the kids of 2050 won't want to ride dirt bikes on this land. It would be a tragedy to take that away from them. Yes we need to protect nature but we also need to protect our riding areas. Good luck to you folks who ride out there on your upcoming meeting.