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  1. jcobb150

    08 RM-Z250 vs. 08 YZ250F

  2. jcobb150

    New YZ125!!

    Haven't done it yet. Just ordered the parts yesterday due to family issues, but ahven't been riding due to blowing the left side crank seal on Monday:bonk: , I ordered everything yesterday though. PICS OF THE PROCESS WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!!!!
  3. jcobb150

    Nose diving off jumps

    I always get front end high, but it seems to only be when I let off the gas on the lip, which I thought would level out the bike, or cause a nose dive. If I stay on the gas all the way off the jump, I level out perfect and don't have any trouble. What gives??
  4. I am looking for some new graphics for my 05 YZ125. I love all the GYT-R series graphics, just seeing if anyone had any graphics I haven't been able to find, that I liked more. Post up your bike and where you got the graphics and what they're called (i.e. N-Style paint graphics from RMMC). Thanks guys!!
  5. jcobb150

    2008 kx250f before n after

    Im personally not a fan. I think the flag looks gay. But them 08 Kawi's are SICK stock. If I got one it would stay stock looking for a LONG time. But if you like it thats all that matters. Have fun.
  6. jcobb150

    KXF or YZF

    That would be up to the rider, and since I am much more comfortable on a 2 stroke, the 250F's felt extremely slow and fat compared to my 125. Didn't want to lay over in the turns, and coming out of turns I felt like a rocket on my 125 and it FELT slow coming out of the turns on the 250f's. BTW, thanks for calling me a biased moron. I am not biased on the 4t's at all. Whne it comes to 2 strokes, i am much more brand loyal and biased. But it is pretty obvious who the moron is. If you have a problem with me, PM me. We can talk it out there.
  7. I am at 1000-1500 feet. Anyone in this range of elevation I would really appreciate it if you would post what jetting your running in your YZ125. Thanks!!!
  8. jcobb150

    KXF or YZF

    I've ridden both the 07 KX250F and the 07 YZ250F, and I hated the KXF. The YZF felt much more easy to handle, and IMO had more all around power than the KXF. I hated everything about the KXF, and lvoe everything about the YZF, except the fact that both felt really slow compared to my 05 YZ125.....
  9. jcobb150

    125 or 250f

    I have now ridden a 05 YZ125, an 07 YZ250F, and a 07 KX250F, and not being comfortable on any of them, I would choose the YZ125 over either of those bikes any day of the week. The 250F's feel so heavy compared to the YZ125, and IMO feel "SLOW". I felt alot faster coming in and out of the corners on the 125, and the fact that laying the bike over isn't a chore helps alot. I love my YZ125 now even though I am not comfortable on it at all yet. The alu frame YZ125 really does feel like an oversized 85. Just so lightweight and flickable, with loads of power. The YZ125 is the best all around bike I've ever ridden.
  10. jcobb150

    New YZ125!!

    Ok thanks. Doesnt sound that terribly hard. I have a decent amount of mechanical skill so it shouldn't be all that hard. Thanks guys!!
  11. jcobb150

    Anyone with a YZ144???

    or moto814. But I love my 05 suspension. The only newer Yamaha I've ridden is the 07 250F but I think my suspension holds up just fine with that, it that is the same as the stuff for the 125 i dont know but if it is it isnt much better imo.
  12. jcobb150

    pics of me ridng(pic heavy)

    your parents let you do that to the front yard? Awesome. I have to stay in the field.
  13. jcobb150

    New YZ125!!

    Aren't I going to have to split the cases to replace this?? I'm not really sure where this part is in the motor, but it looks like it is going to be a PITA to change. Someone please tell me it isn't nearly as hard as it looks. Also, I don't have the manual yet, can someone give me a breif description on how to change this part out?
  14. jcobb150

    New YZ125!!

    I still have no idea what you guys mean about thhe shifter stop lever. Can someone offer some insight? Also, when I go to the Yamaha shop to order the part this coming Tuesday, what should I ask for? BTW, the chain was rusty in all the pics I've taken. I clean it up last night and it looks much better now.
  15. jcobb150

    New YZ125!!

    New updated pics from yesterday....