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    checking linkage/SA?

    I last greased everything in March(7mos ago) and before that my friend owned the bike since new, I believe he did PM well, I will take apart everything if the other bearings look good could they still be bad from wear?, I would hate to take out good bearings and I would not want to ruin new ones by leaving worn bearings in. I want to do what's best for the bike so if I need all new bearings I will buy them. Thanks for taking time to reply!
  2. ronco

    checking linkage/SA?

    I believe the single needle bearing behind the monoshock bottom is loose, I cleaned/greased then checked all bearings swing arm and monoshock seem tight as well as the bolt through the swing arm and where it attaches to the frame. When the bike is on it's stand I can lift from back of swing arm and seem to get a small amount of movement before the bolt begins to contact the other parts(difficult to explain?) Is all the linkage supposed to be completely without any play at all? I plan to replace the bearing I question soon anyways to see if the looseness dissappears!
  3. ronco

    Need rear spoke!!!

    does any one have rear spoke for rotor side on 99 WR400 for sale?
  4. ronco

    spoke repair???

    I broke a spoke in the back wheel from rotor side, looks like I can put a new one in without taking anything off the bike, once the threads stick they are hard to adjust, my old bike had spokes that were labeled inner and outer, does WR have that, also a friend went as far as putting anti-sieze compund on all the threads, seems like a good idea!
  5. ronco

    release air in forks?

    I have heard you can let air out of your forks that build up during a ride, an earlier bike RM would allow this through a bleed screw on top of the fork cap, does the 99 WR have a way to do this I could not find it mentioned in the manual? thanks for any help
  6. the past few weeks I put new stuff on the bike for 90+ mile turkey run, tires/chain-sprokets/barbusters/headlight-taillight/street plate!/maitenance ect then looking at the bike thinking everything is done, I opened the radiator cap and saw metal bits when turned the cap over on the rubber seal also some black specs floating the water looked bright green and clean. The bike runs great, does not over heat, overflow is ok. The radiarors have taken some hits before but never leaked, the aluminum braces work well, could pieces be loose inside from small crashes. I will take the cover off the water pump tonight and hope I don't see damage on the impellar, like fins hitting the cover scraping and breaking @#$%@!? hope I can get new parts fast enough if I need them, did any one else have this happen, the bike is a 99WR400, I will check search also, thanks for any help and advice. expected to find broken fins or scraped pump cover but could not find anything wrong in water pump so I flush system, refill coolant and test ride and hope they were stray fragments that will never return? [ August 20, 2002, 08:15 AM: Message edited by: ronco ]
  7. I should have checked the right guards for the right bars. I just bought Maier $44 aluminum barkbusters for 7/8"steel bars from catalog, hoped they would fit the Renthal bar that came with the bike...they don't, now I need to use the small set of clamps for the bar ends, and bend the guard to match the other clamp. It is very difficult to make the bend where I want, the instructions say to bend for correct fit? If I am careful everything should go together fine.
  8. This happened on my bike 2x in past yr, once nov in winter second time march now it's july and has not happened a third time yet, some posts suspect decomp lever, I now spray a little wd-40 at the return spring where the bolt that opens exhaust valve goes into valve cover in case it sticks enough to hold valve slightly open and the motor pushes it closed once started. When I checked clearance the exhaust were in spec but on the loose end, is it possible when valves get looser the sping would have trouble closing them completely allowing enough air bypass the kicker just spins the piston then when it starts first firing pf plug the valve manages to stay closed enough to keep the motor running.
  9. ? for bambislayer did you find PMB SA and quiet cap affect your jetting or performance, I have a WR400/YZpipe/YZtimed that my friend and original owner jetted perfectly, no bog anywhere plenty of snap, revs high, lots of torque...I am concerend with exhaust changing that may mess up a good running bike, my friend mentioned the bike may be a little lean still so the PMB might only richen it some, give it more bottom and probably lose some top end which may be fine since we love to ride tight singletrack woods/rock trails in New England. You sound happy with your purchase.
  10. ronco

    No compression on start-up?

    Thanks for the great advice, I will look closely at the valves at my next clearence check, the no compression happened for the first time last November in cold weather riding in Massachusettes the second time was last week, all the time in between the bike ran good, my last valve check was in March but did not look for other problems other than clearence measurements. I have read hundreds of posts on this site, the help here is as invaluable to me as the manual, sometimes I feel I should be mailing checks out to people for the things I learn, hope to return the favor some day, thanks again everyone.
  11. I have a 99WR bought in Nov 01, yesterday could not get compression before starting, we checked the decompression cable/lever seemed ok. After starting the bike normal starting rest of the day. Is something sticking open? one of the valves or decomp, or piston rings. Hope to avoid serious damage the bike runs great,maintained well, after 12yrs on two strokes I like four more.