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  1. cbretr2

    Show your PIG

    This old pic always reminds me of how much fun this old bike has been.
  2. cbretr2

    Show your PIG

    He is getting there. Only a few more inches.
  3. cbretr2

    Show your PIG

    Don't see anything.
  4. cbretr2

    Show your PIG

    A few updates to the old girl. And just because it's always a good angle.
  5. cbretr2

    Front and rear fender

    This link helped me do the mod. http://www.4strokes.com/tech/honda/xr650l_rear_fender/
  6. cbretr2

    Xr600 Crf swing arm swap

    DNR Do Not Resuscitate
  7. cbretr2

    Xr600 Crf swing arm swap

    The heck with everybody else. Go for it and see how it works. Never progress if we don't try new things. You have the tools and the know how, I say all the power to you. The next time my CRF blows up it could be a donor for the old Trusty XR. I already have it marked as DNR and a organ donor.
  8. cbretr2

    Honda XR650L 2004

    Dependable and takes a beating
  9. cbretr2

    Honda XR650L (2004)


    Dependable and takes a beating
  10. cbretr2

    Show your PIG

    I like it and sounds good to me. It has good deep note to it. Not to obnoxious. Its been been pretty good and has held up well. I liked the E series and when I found I couldn't get it any more, I figured this was the next best thing.
  11. cbretr2

    Show your PIG

    Put it back into dirt mode. Put the SM wheels back on the 450r.
  12. When you take off the cover on a stock 650L you get this. XR650L left side XR600R left side essentially the same except for some brackets Yours has just had the the battery and all the electrical stuff in it relocated. to under the seat somewhere. The Air box is sealed on the left side by the side cover. More likely it is just covered by it. that portion is the same for both the 600R and 650L. the only change is past that where the side cover bubbles out for the battery cover.
  13. cbretr2

    Show your PIG

    I used this link and a 04 CRF450r rear fender. Just an extra I had laying around and didn't mind cutting. Taillight is a Baja designs L.E.D. http://www.4strokes.com/tech/honda/xr650l_rear_fender/ Went on pretty easy.
  14. cbretr2

    Show your PIG

    Clarke 4 gallon.
  15. cbretr2

    Show your PIG

    The BRP in different shoes.