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    Bob's 2002 YZ250F build

    Did you do a leak down on the head? Are the valves seating correctly?

    Bob's 2002 YZ250F build

    I had a similar experience with the valves seeming to be off like you mentioned. It ended up being the woodruff key had sheered when I reinstalled the flywheel. First time for everything I guess. If your timing is right. Then it’s fuel. Have you checked the squirt duration of the accelerator pump? Is the bowl getting correct fuel level? Is the spark strong? I’m having flashbacks from a few months ago. I had a similar experience

    Wait what? CR300X

    really gonna waste all that money buying a 2017 CRF just to take the motor out Is that really a waste?


    The cabins are good. I’ve noticed the cell coverage to be not great for my att service on the opposite side of the road from the check in. Close to the lodge seems to be fine. The cabins are basic but have always been clean. I’ve never stayed in one of the RVs there. I have never had a bad time going to durhamtown wether it be for a day ride or to spend the night. Sometimes I get a cabin even if I’m not staying so I have a place to shower and not have to use a porta potty. Post up when you are going. I may be able to head down and show you around. If not, there’s a lot of guys on the dirt junkies page that ride there often.

    Bob's 2002 YZ250F build

    Check your woodruff key and make sure the flywheel is lined up perfectly.


    There is NO technical stuff at DP. It's all flowy and flat. It is fun. The ST is fun regardless. It just doesn't have anything tough. Highland Park or Moto Mtn is where you watn to go if you more challenging ST. MM being a little more technical. If you are on Facebook, look up Dirt Junkies. There are quite a few people on there that frequent the gnarly stuff and would be happy to show you around.

    Places to ride in Georgia

    Moto mtn is a lot of fun , but it is not a great beginner spot. There are some easy trails on the check in side but you could ride all of them in less than a hr if you dont stop. The trails across the gravel road are the good ones. Lots of hills and rocks. The single track is great but it's mostly 4-5 diamond dry and 6+ if its been raining. I much prefer MM to HP but HP has more features and a pro shop, plus I like Paul and he does a lot for the off-road community. Whissenhunt in Dalhonega is fun but on the smaller side. I usually ride there during the week to avoid the quads and traffic. It is what it is. Its not a bad place and anything is what you make it. You'll see a lot of people talk crap about it. It's another place to ride so I am happy to have it. It is a state OHV and its only $5 per person.
  8. Don’t pine over it. You’ll be back just stick with it.

    Opinions on Handguard Mounts??

    I was pro full wraps until a couple weekends ago when I got taken out on a straight away section during a HS. The &%$#@! just straight up hit me... plenty of room for him on the left... anyway. I got my hand stuck and was pretty sure I had broken my finger as my hand had gotten stuck between the bars abs guards. This was the first time this had happened to me and I have ridden a lot of miles since 2003. I have since ditched the full wraps and went with some Cycra open ended ones.

    New Yamaha two strokes 2019!

    Yamaha was the front runner on that weren’t they when Valentino couldn’t make it turn

    New Yamaha two strokes 2019!

    Weight on paper... yes, probably very similar. However, once you throw a leg over it and start riding the weight becomes apparent. For instance, the ktm 200 felt noticeably lighter than the 250 when riding. The weight difference between my 125 and 250 is negligible on paper but on the trail the 125 can be thrown around where as the 250 is harder to man handle. Saying that, I would not buy a 200 after enjoying the power delivery on my 250x. The X has a fantastic power curve. It’s exactly what I spent tons of money on trying to make my RM250 feel like.... which I never managed to do. It was still a 250 mx bike even with everything I did to it.

    YZ250 - tuning help

    I have been running the amsoil dominator @32:1 with 30% vp t4 to 70% 90 octane ethanol free pump. Using a octane calculator and trying different ratios of vp I settled on the above mix. There is little to no spooge and it smokes a little less than average judging from all the other yz’s on the starting line. I ran the 927 for a long time in multiple bikes. I believe the dominator to be a better premix for my riding and application.

    WR250/450 kick stand on YZ250?

    I have the trailtech stands on a 2011 yz125 and a 2012 yz250f. They are very nice and hold up well. I actually prefer them over the OEM stnad on my 2019 yz250X.

    Maintenance / Mod Log?

    I personally don’t spend a ton of time. I just write down what I did on my legal pad and then ad the current specs in my manual.

    New Yamaha two strokes 2019!

    .. I bet you wear these as well...