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  1. cuddies say YEE 925

    2002 CR250R Clutch Issues

    5 years later and I'm bringing this thread back to life. I am having the same issue and I do not see there was ever an answer to this. I installed a Barnett clutch kit, having same issue and the OP. The new clutch is thicker when compared to the old worn clutch. Due to the new clutch pack being thicker, when installed, the pressure plate is too far out to be engages by the clutch rod. I have not found a solution. New cable a few rides ago, worked great with the stock clutch. I've tried adjustments from 1 end of the spectrum to the other, still no resistance on the lever. Called Barnett and spoke to their technicion, the clutch pack height for this bikes (02 CR250) is 1.385", and the new Barnett cluctch I purchased measures right at that; therefore, I've got the correct clutch. Correct clutch is confirmed. Cable adjustments do nothing. Long story short, the rod appears to be too short to reach the pressure plate. Hope my info helps and hopefully someone will have some information to chime in on. Regards, Cuds
  2. cuddies say YEE 925

    CR250 piston opinions?

    I believe ProX (or is it Vertex?) is the same as OEM. Wiseco is always a top option and the price of the entire kit is around all the others. Forged anything is stronger than cast. OEM is cast, companies like wiseco produce forged aluminum. You need to always properly warm your motor up if you want it to last. My two cents is to learn (or apply) proper warm up and care for your bike, and when you accomplish that, look into wiseco.
  3. cuddies say YEE 925


    Another good choice would be to step away from the bike and sell it.
  4. cuddies say YEE 925


    I think you'd be better off in the stands watching people ride rather than being anywhere near a bike yourself. Thats just my two cents.
  5. They are a company that makes pistons. Had anybody ever had experience with them, or heard reviews about them? I did a Google search, but having a hard time finding much reviews on them.
  6. cuddies say YEE 925

    Hey 'Yota,Cleonard,& CO Rider..I need help!

    I have 2 curly q fluorescent lights in my room, each is only 7 watts, and they put out enough light for me! They last forever
  7. cuddies say YEE 925

    Hey 'Yota,Cleonard,& CO Rider..I need help!

    BS, you need to get two good quality deep cycle batteries. These batteries hold a charge longer, supply more power, and can be drained down to nothing and charged back up. The most common and popular deep cycle cell battery is the Optima's. I don't have any information on solar charging, but don't really see your point of why you need it. Just like RM said, whether on a RV, car, boat, or motorcycle, you should always unplug the battery when you know it's going to be sitting. Same thing happens with cars. They sit with the battery still connected, and over time they die due to the small draw that is always there, whether it's something as simple as a clock or a radio that needs constant power to store all it's memory.
  8. cuddies say YEE 925

    03 CR250 engine "Knock" at Idle

    Ask the team that I ride with..my little 250 is too small for me! Time for a bigger, newer bike. You're just jealous :bonk:
  9. cuddies say YEE 925

    03 CR250 engine "Knock" at Idle

    Don't listen to him. He's just a silly Canadian
  10. cuddies say YEE 925

    04 cr250 rear fender fit 05 ?

    HA HA HA HA.
  11. cuddies say YEE 925

    04 cr250 rear fender fit 05 ?

    Yes .
  12. cuddies say YEE 925

    03 CR250 Rebuild for Motocross Pics...

    Nice eye dude!
  13. cuddies say YEE 925

    No Fire - 2001 CR80

    For future reference....do your own work! And I say that in a nice, helpful way, not a derogatory way. If you don't know something, get on here and ask away. There are loads of people that are very smart in here, and, for the most part, are all willing to help you out.
  14. cuddies say YEE 925

    03 CR250 Rebuild for Motocross Pics...

    Your bike looks good. Doesn't it feel nice to own a CR that everyone drools over when they see it?