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  1. Hi, I'm travelling through New York, D.C, Pennsylvania, Boston and New England areas from Friday. I'm wanting to find a decent store that has a good range of accessories and OEM Honda parts. Looking for knee braces especially. Struggling to find anything online except smaller dealers. Anyone have any recommendations? I'm looking for a store similar to Chapperal in California. Any help you be awesome, Thanks Chris
  2. Nzrider

    Where to ride in Perth?

    Bit of a drive but not bad. You can also ride the club tracks if you have a licence and join the club. The Wanneroo track looks awesome. I haven't got a bike yet here either, but been out and watched my mates ride. http://www.dirtriderheaven.com.au/
  3. Nzrider

    Can You Ride With an Ankle Fusion?

    Getting boots on is no problem, my foot is fixed at 90 degrees like a hockey stick and can still get a boot on
  4. Nzrider

    Can You Ride With an Ankle Fusion?

    Hi. I had my ankle fused in September last year. My ankle was a real mess too. I was in pain everyday and always walked with a limp. Since the fusion I can walk anywhere without limping and no pain, although it still swells sometimes. I am going to start riding again soon just trying to build some more strength in my leg. I would not hesitate to get it fused if it's bad. It's worth the 3 months recovery if you ask me. All the best Chris
  5. Nzrider


    http://www.theeasywaytostopsmoking.com/ Sounds dumb but I quit by reading this book by Alan Car. I just read the book and never had another one. Worth a try and it's cheaper than patches and gum.
  6. Nzrider

    Riding after ankle fusion?

    My main concern is the metal ware in there, my surgeon doesn't want to take it out. It has already been two years since the injury and I am itching to ride. As long as it's not going to cause any problems I'm happy. Thanks
  7. Nzrider

    Riding after ankle fusion?

    It's not pain that I'm worried about, it's the danger of doing more damage to it with the metal in.
  8. Hi Long story, but to cut it short. Broken right tib/fib in November 2009. Had external fixation followed a week later by internal fixation. Got an infection, all metal on medial side removed on 8th March 2010. Unable to remove it all due to incomplete healing. Infection flared up again. All metal out, less one screw on the 23rd December 2010. Chronic osteomyelitis was debrided. Six months on I had really bad pain in ankle while walking. Very stiff. Ankle fusion was the only option besides amputation, which is not an option for me. Ankle fusion was done on the 23rd September 2011. 3 months on, I have been weight bearing for 6 weeks in a cast. As of today walking without cast. My question is, is it going to be OK to ride with the metal in my ankle. Can't seem to find many people who race motocross who have had an ankle fusion. X-rays are attached in chronological order Thanks Chris
  9. Nzrider

    RMX450. Is it here yet?

    www.drd.co.nz Seen brochure today, looks good
  10. Nzrider

    How often should you check your valves?

    Check every 15 hours. If you are not very mechanical get your local dealer to do it
  11. Nzrider

    Zeta/DRC rubber killer on 07 RMZ250?

    Hey there I used them on my kxf and just put them on my new 09 rmz, they stop the clamps twisting everytime you crash. Couldn't go without them
  12. Nzrider

    Bridgestone tyres in Aus?

    Weird, if you have no luck i can get them from our supplier here in NZ, freight might kill it a bit though.
  13. Nzrider

    08 radiator shrouds

    Yes they are same shape just different colour for 2008
  14. Nzrider

    Recomended Springs

    Go to the Racetech website and search spring weights, it will give you stock rate and recommended rate for your weight
  15. Nzrider

    KX250F The way to go??

    04's did have some cooling issues thats why from 05 on larger radiators were fitted, they was a recall on some of the very first CDIs but those should of all been replaced under warranty. Try and get at least a 05 model with the larger radiators, or even better 06 or later