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  1. Just an update on this. I have added a DP Tuner, air filters and a 4" turbo back exhaust. The van (Slash) now officially hauls ass and still gets 20mpg even though it makes me drive like a juvenile. I got 16mpg towing my Jeep XJ. I have also added doubled up reflective insulation and the peg board. It is my daily driver and although it is big, I have no drivability issues.
  2. ARB does make a locker for the 8.25 in the 29 spline version. XJ D44s can be found in some junkyards and have a better parts and deeper gear selection. Actually, a buddy of mine has an 8.25 with an ARB and 4.56s for sale if interested.
  3. While I agree about the kids, I think his point was that Cherokees can take a beating and keep going.
  4. Articulation I am speaking of is the amount of suspension droop and compression which can be achieved with a straight axle compared to an IFS. In the picture of my Jeep from the front, the driver side is compressed while the pass side is at full droop while the Jeep remains relatively level side to side. The camber remains the same relative to the axle, not the ground. It is not necessary for a tire to remain vertical to get over obstacles.
  5. It's hard to say due to the fact that I've had her set up several different ways before she ended up here. She is set up really well right now. Just guesstimating with me doing almost all the labor, around $7K. That is a long arm 5.5" suspension, custom high steering, 4.88s with ARBs, cromo shafts all around, disc brakes all around, Hanson front bumper w/Warn 9K winch. She is really well built. You could do a lot less and get similar results for the trails. You could get away without the ARBs and save $1500 for example. Visit for more info on Xjs and for peeps in your area. My vote is build the XJ for trail use and drive the Amigo as a daily driver.
  6. [quote name=chickenhauler;7703552 Before we can say what's good and bad about each rig for his use' date=' maybe we should find out what his uses will be- cruising desert trails, rock crawling, mud bogging, 70 mph desert racing, etc?[/quote] This is a very good point. He spoke of the Amigo engine being very "peppy" I think?? If he wants to fly along desert roads, maybe that's a better choice if he is leaving it mostly stock. If he is going to do some more serious modding to either one, the Cherokee is a no brainer simply due to the ease of modding due to a strong aftermarket.
  7. It is ridiculous to think the Isuzu is more capable stock. I have seen stock XJs do amazing things in Moab, and in Tellico. I have seen mildly modded Isuzus and was totally unimpressed.
  8. I too am curious. Let us know what you think.
  9. Not trying to be obvious. But....
  10. I guess this could qualify for things you've seen. I consider more of conditions you drive. May I introduce SW Colorado! The picture above shows the snow being thrown 25' to clear snow over the bank. The picture below is noticeably flat because the snow wasn't making it over the top, so the owner of Wolf Creek ski area had his guys with the snow cats go out and bring the walls down to 8' so they could re-open the road.
  11. The problem I have with ones like that is not having a service record or being able to talk to he person who put all the miles on it. I do believe that is top dollar for the van listed. If you could bargain alot, maybe, otherwise just be patient, they're out there. Luckily, the van was serviced about 500 miles prior to me getting it, including a new fuel filter:thumbsup: . I do have a friend who is a diesel mechanic and says he'll do it no problem. I'll watch thfirst time but hate when other people do my maintenance.
  12. I have had no problems, but I've only put about 1500 miles on it. These 7.3s are barely breaking in at this mileage and I have read of them having over 400K without needing engine work. The tranny's are another story with some lasting a long time and others not dealing well with all that torque. Stay away from the 6.0PSD.
  13. Sorry, its easiear this way.
  14. Thanks C29. Got the floor rough cut in. It was too cold to spend alot of time with it, but here is a shot of it. Yeah, that's snow