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  1. 450XJimDirt

    .49kg/mm fork springs any experience?

    Look Doc , i dont know what your Beef is , or is Bologna ? , it seems to take 12 lines to get it thru your unwillingness to conform to the fact that not every rider needs 100mm sag and not every spring is created equal , or that every rider likes or wants the same setup , actually the OP can have 110 if it feels better for him , or anywhere in between for that matter with no ill effects , otherwise there would be no adjuster ring on shocks , it would be set and if you dont weigh the right amount for your spring you have to buy a new .whatever size up or down to get you at exactly 100mm sag Why do people enjoy BS'ing people about suspension or any other "recommendation" from the manufacturer , its just that , a recommendation and nothing more , i would bet if you walked the "Pro" pits of any SX or MX you will likely find sag from 100-110 most everywhere , its rider preference and nothing more , there are variables to all of it With your Bologna reasoning , every rider in the pits should have the EXACT SAME SETUP , and every rider should be able to go to ANY rider that is his weight and ride the crap out of their bike , because you think that a variation will set the Laws of Physics askew .....Really ??? Sorry but your misinforming the OP , and it annoys the crap out of me because if it was done your way , there would only be 1 suspension shop/tuner for everyone , most likely you would pick ... you...., great , just what we need Socialist Suspension Inc. !! If you change your oil every 20 hours or 1 time a year , there is no "Law of Physics" that says doing either will make your engine least longer or blow up in 5 minutes of riding , same goes for suspension , if you dont think this is the case maybe your in the wrong business , unless you enjoy duping people into believing this BS , or simply don't know any better . If the OP feels comfortable on the bike with his sag at 110 ,, it is PERFECTLY FINE , it will not adversely affect ANYTHING in the safety or control of his bike , its rider preference and nothing more , if it works for him , then dont tell him it "can't" be done ! Suspension is not Voodoo , that only those knowing the "special" handshake are allowed to know or experiment with , quit making it out to be ! Seriously , lighten up Francis ! I am done here , reply if you want , i said what i wanted to say , and what NEEDED to be said ! Seriously Nusk450X , go read the sticky in the CRF450R forum for the "Do it yourself revalve , you will learn more there than you ever will in this post about suspension and how it works , and can work , its not just about the CRF450R , there is every conceivable setup in there , and you will actually get correct info about how to set your bike up for you , BY YOU , i would highly suggest PM'ing theDogger (Brian) , he is a great guy (i call him when i get stuck on something) he knows more than the majority here with the exception of either Mog or DaveJ , or in most of your local suspension shops , if anyone will set you straight and help get your bike EXACTLY where you want it , he can ! Have fun !!
  2. 450XJimDirt

    .49kg/mm fork springs any experience?

    Or maybe if you TRIED my setup instead of criticizing it , you might find its not magic , but just a good combination of valving , spring combo's and nitrogen psi that is not what Honda recommends and someone actually experimenting and finding something that ,even though its different , it still........works !
  3. 450XJimDirt

    .49kg/mm fork springs any experience?

    OK , you state that i should have ZERO static sag , i have 22 static on my X , so i am guessing the laws of physics suck in Calif , because i have 2 Honda CRF450's (02 R and 06 X) , , and i get static sag on both with STOCK Shock springs (22mm on the X and 34mm on the R) , so tell me how my setup is screwed up ? , OR , ..... that there are 2 possibilities here , that you in some cases might be correct , and that in my case , i am correct and both my bikes are sprung correctly for MY weight even though they differ from what you feel is the correct rate for my weight , and the fact that a rider can go to 10 different suspension sites/shops , and they will each recommend different spring rates for the same rider Because spring manufacturers rates differ and how the bike is setup differs to the point that what works for 20 riders may or may not work for 20 other riders , otherwise there would only be 1 setup for every rider of a certain weight , so if you weigh 175 this is how your suspension has to be setup or you will be miserable , which you know will never happen , and that using 140 psi in the shock , will set it different from someone that uses 175 psi , could that be the factor here ?? , i can't say , but i do know my bikes are set up correctly , and handle good , and better than a lot of "suspension shop setup" bikes i and others have ridden hundreds of bikes , both stock and some set up professionally for me , and i ended up learning how to do it myself because it was terrible when the "Pro's" did it for me As well as a few friends that have gone to shop after shop trying to get their bikes to work and the "Pro's" setups sucked because they did not give the person what they asked for , or they sprung it wrong , and its not just what i have ridden , its what the dozen or so others that have ridden my bikes have also said , riders of ALL skill levels , so i guess everyone that has ridden my bikes are ALL wrong ??? , i think not ... , like i said , not trying to start a war here , just saying , my settings and what i posted WORK , if you actually tried to set a bike up that way and it did not work for you , then maybe you should try find out why the way your setting up suspension is not working ...not saying i know more than you , just saying that maybe sometimes , possibly, that there may be more than 1 setup that works for the same conditions ...ya think ??? , hmmm , something to ponder over ! Its not rocket science ! , its obvious that i am able to get sag out of my setups , so lets leave it at that and move on , i am confident in what i have done and how it works , it does not defy the laws of physics , it proves that what works for you may not work for me , and what works for me may not work for you , nothing more , that's why Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors ! Where is Rodney King when you need him ?? Sorry to the OP for highjacking your topic , i am done trying to explain facts .... Hopefully the OP gets his bike set to his liking , no matter what , that's all that really matters here !
  4. 450XJimDirt

    .49kg/mm fork springs any experience?

    As i said, i have Static Sag , its far from zeroed out , maybe your spring is not the same rate as mine since the years are different and your bike is from Aus not the U.S. , Honda has redone the internals several times from 05-12 , and i know the X's in Aus or anywhere non U.S. are setup and have different parts than ours do All i am saying is my particular setup that is installed on MY bike , WILL work for someone your size , and you will have plenty of spring left , it will NOT be undersprung as CRF Doc claims , mine is not undersprung , Honda's rear springs went from 5.5 - 5.7 STOCK , as did the fork springs go from 0.45 - 0.47 STOCK and anywhere in between , i have a 0.52 fork spring which is STIFFER than recommended for my weight , the shock has the stock 5.5 spring and i get the sag numbers i should Not trying to argue with anyone , you asked for setups that work , my setup WORKS , regardless of what CRF DOC says , and its NOT undersprung , so i offered it as a suggestion that WORKS WELL , and handles EXCELLENT ! , trust me i have ridden plenty of clapped out , poorly set up suspension , mine is definitely NOT one of them ! Take the suggestion , or not , i was just trying to help , but some people (not you) think that if its not the way they think it should be , it just cant possibly work , and just cant accept the fact that they might be wrong and are afraid they will fall off the flat end of the earth by believing something that is not in "the book" So i gave some info to help , if its used , fine , if its not , fine , it just irritates me when some say it does not work without even trying it or looking into how its done first !
  5. 450XJimDirt

    .49kg/mm fork springs any experience?

    Ummmmmm , yes it can be tuned for all riding conditions if its set up correctly , which mine is , so yes i can go from track to track with just clicker changes , and i can go from woods to desert with just clicker changes at most , if you cant then your suspension is NOT set up correctly , mine is , by me ! And the terrain i ride is as diverse as it gets , Idaho has some of the best single track and non flat riding in the US , in fact i doubt you can find any flat terrain in Idaho , and unless you have ridden here or talked to people that have , you have no clue what good terrain really is And i will reiterate , that my bike does handle very good , my guess is you would ride it and not want to get off it , you would like it so much , that goes for both you and CRF Doc , i am no suspension "expert" , but i can set up suspension decently , and valve it properly And i do know what good,bad, mediocre , and Pro suspension feels like And that is why you are Mr Wrong !
  6. 450XJimDirt

    .49kg/mm fork springs any experience?

    It is NOT undersprung if my sag is correct !!!
  7. 450XJimDirt

    Any downsides with a heavy flywheel?

    What is your gearing ?? , i run a 13/52 on my 06 450X and find it to be excellent for tight single track , allowing lugging with the stock flywheel without being too snappy but still allowing speeds of 70+ mph I have a HotCams Stage 1 , AP linkage O-Ring , Quickshot 1 , R&D Fuel Screw (1 1/2 out) 162 main , 45 Pilot , 65 leak jet , Needle 4th clip from top , Airbox top cut , Pink Wire on a KTM Map Switch (for on the fly changes) , 2,000 - 8,000 elevation riding My bike will lug down really low , and i rarely stall , and if i do , it was something i did wrong , not the engine , i had thought about a weight but after the mods/adjustments , i have not felt the need for one (my bike is a 06 by the way) *U.S. model of course* , but if your jetting is correct and you have done the basic mods mentioned here , you should be good with the stock weight But in answer to your question , the weight will "calm it down" if its too snappy for what your riding without hurting anything performance wise , i put the heaviest weight on my 450R (13 ounce)and it allowed it to be decent on trails and will go anywhere my X will go now , but if i ride the track it still has plenty of snap and is not lacking anywhere , same gearing on it for woods riding as my X
  8. 450XJimDirt

    .49kg/mm fork springs any experience?

    I think you mean 5.7 not 4.7 , a 4.7 shock spring would be for someone around 100 lbs or so i would think As for the forks i would not go more than 8mm at the most , i think you would be better at 4 - 6mm , if your at 100mm sag , then 6 mm up front will be a big drop for the front , and that thing should do circles around a real dime at 6mm front drop (up in the clamps), any more than that and you will lose all your high speed stability as well as weight bias of the bike .... in my opinion . but i am far from a expert
  9. 450XJimDirt

    .49kg/mm fork springs any experience?

    Actually , with the Kouba link , the sag is at supposed to be set at 80mm , this is according to Norm Kouba , whom i talked to on the phone while setting it up the first time (Kouba Links are made about 60 miles from where i live , as well as Rekluse, Fastway/Pro Moto Billet , and Fly Racing/WPS , and Smith Optics , and Scott Goggles **all Idaho Products**) , sorry i was rambling .........anyway.... , but without it , i have no issues getting 100-110 with the current OEM spring With the Kouba #4 (1.75 in) , i am at 80 with me in full gear , 22 static, which is right around where its supposed to be set at with the link (dont forget i run 175 psi in the shock as per RT , not the 145 psi Honda recommends) **i have my own Nitrogen bottle/gauges** So get ya some Jenny Craig , drop about 40 and come ride my bike , you would love it !! , lol
  10. 450XJimDirt

    .49kg/mm fork springs any experience?

    I beg to differ , (with all due respect) , ANYONE that has ridden my bike has commented on how balanced IT IS ! , i should also note that i have a Kouba Link (1.75) and have the forks 6mm up in the clamps , but the bike has been ridden by some local real fast guys , as well as beginners , and EVERYONE has said how much better my bike handles than theirs or any X they have ridden , one of my (KTM) friends , loves it , and said his bike does not feel this planted and that it does not require any effort to ride compared to his It jumps extremely well , even better than my 450R , it does not kick , it does not swap out , it turns very well , and in a rock garden , goes where you point it and no where else , ruts are of no concern , and even on a track (with the exception of the excess weight) , works very well Trust me , it was in no way a first time setup , i tore it apart a few times to get the valving where it did what i wanted , but the bike is stable at any speed over any terrain i have found Actually if you weighed me with all my gear on (back pack etc) , i weigh about 235 while riding , the majority of my friends are lighter than me , some by 50 lbs I would be willing to say , if you rode it , at whatever your weight is as long as your not 280 , you would change your opinion , both my bikes are ridden by several riders , and not one has said my X is unbalanced or ill handling , and all have commented on how well it handles , everywhere , i would not hesitate to ride it in a Endurocross race with full confidence it handles whatever is dished out to it , with a few clicker adjustments at the most
  11. 450XJimDirt

    .49kg/mm fork springs any experience?

    I weigh about 208 and run 0.52 on my 450X , i use 365cc oil 5wt Maxima in the front and i set the gas in the shock at 175psi , i also installed Race Tech Gold Valve kits Front and Rear , i have the valving set up for Endurocross , its extremely plush/soft but does not bottom even off jumps , the springs hold the bike up where it needs to be (stock spring in the rear) , i can ride right thru rock gardens like they are pebbles and still ride thru/over whoops , the bike is stable , and does not beat me to death after a 50-80 mile single track ride , i also have 1.76 pressure springs (stock is 1.90) , i believe even if your not 200+ , the stiffer springs make the X suspension "feel" better/plusher , not stiffer As long as the sag is correct , running stiffer springs (especially with softer valving) makes for a change for the better , remember the X is 40-60 lbs heavier than the R , but they used the same rate springs , that to me was why some tried the X and did not like it and thought the suspension to be harsh , if Honda had put 0.49's in it out of the box , i think more riders would have liked the bike right out of the box , Honda is known for under springing bikes Hope that helped !
  12. 450XJimDirt

    IMS 3.2 Shrouds fit poor

    From what i got by talking to IMS , since the 08 up shrouds are slightly different , they made the tank mounts "close" to both the 05-08 and 09-12 , i got a "newer Style" 3.2 from them for my 06 , and it does not line up as good as with the stock 2.3 tank , so my conclusion from what i was told , is it was more cost effective for them to make 1 tank that sort of fits all years instead of making a direct fit tank for each year of shroud changes , since the changes were slight and not worth the setup costs for the slight change in insert position
  13. 450XJimDirt

    does this include Alaska?

    I dont live near there , but , Alaska is about as far Northwest as you can get so i think it qualifies !
  14. 450XJimDirt

    Should you adjust both clickers?

    As mentioned , its a preference type of thing , a really fast rider will adjust the same bike differently than a slower or older ro shorter rider , that is why when they do shootouts in magazines they have 5 testers riding the same bike and each of the adjust it differently from front to back ....that said If i am riding a sand track with a hardpack base (sand/clay) i just adjust the compression a little softer , and leave the rebound alone, and for deep sand i stiffen the comp a couple clicks , i do the shock and the fork the same , if i do 2 clicks stiffer on the fork i do the low speed comp on the shock 2 clicks as well , it keeps the suspension balanced , if your suspension is set up right for your speed and weight you should only have to go a few clicks on the comp or rebound to get the bike to feel good/planted , if it does not , then you need a re-valve , if i ride off road i only go 4 clicks softer on the comp and i am good to go , that is how it should be , 2-6 clicks max should get you fairly well going from surface to surface (sand,hardpack,loam ,etc,etc) , again , if its not then you need a re-valve and possibly a re-spring to go along with it , the faster you are the stiffer you will need it ..........but .............you should not have to spend half the day messing with clickers , if its that hard to get it right , then the valving is not set right for you , and needs to be redone , simple as that
  15. 450XJimDirt

    2006 CRF 450X Stock Fork Spring Rate

    The Aus X might but the U.S. X definitely has longer fork springs than the Race Tech springs , i had to use 10mm of washers , and its what Race Tech recommends for the X