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  1. jwaseman

    Thanks Dave J- Smart Performance!!!

    No Issues here getting parts or a kit when I need it.
  2. jwaseman

    Fork oil

    Time to freshen things up a bit. Meanwhile, grease your swing arm and linkage bearings as well. Also make sure wheel bearings are in good shape. IMHO, suspension starts with the tires and on up. You would be surprised what worn out front wheel bearings do to the feedback in the bars.
  3. jwaseman

    Yz125 shock

    Have not done one in awhile, (took a little time off) I believe we can work something out... Let me shoot DJ@SPI a text. I still run SPI all the way around. Flat out works for me.
  4. jwaseman

    Yz125 shock

    Mike, If you are near closed on the rebound adjustment, that is a good indication that you need some help in the valving area. Since rebound and compression affect each other to some degree you can try turning in the LS comp. to see if the shock starts behaving a little. my .02
  5. jwaseman

    KYB Piggy Back shock rebuild

    on the valve itself, there is an oring.
  6. jwaseman

    KYB Piggy Back shock rebuild

    Captain, I don't have any that size. I would call HDR since they are in your state I believe. talk to Pete Payne. Russ17 at DGS may have some. Also you can call Dave at SPI. If you have calipers you can measure it and let me know. It may be same size.
  7. jwaseman

    Ohlins parts in U.S.

    http://www.ohlinsusa.com/ scroll all the way to the bottom, you will see the number. Upon ordering the parts they should be able to tell you how much pressure to install. hope this helps!
  8. jwaseman

    KYB Piggy Back shock rebuild

    I will take a look this weekend.
  9. jwaseman

    Ohlins parts in U.S.

    I'm showing 12 bar or ~175 psi. You should be able to get a spec card from Ohlins. There should be a number on the shock body. hope this helps!
  10. jwaseman

    Ohlins parts in U.S.

    You call direct to Hendersonville, NC? What shock are your rebuilding I may have the Info on hand. TTX44?
  11. jwaseman

    KYB Piggy Back shock rebuild

    That is correct. Once you get the procedure down pat, its a pretty slick way to service a shock IMHO. You would have to get them from a suspension shop. a regular shop would not have them on hand. I may have some in stock here. I would have to check, Call Dave or MX tech/HDR racing or suspension direct.
  12. jwaseman

    KYB Piggy Back shock rebuild

    Hey Captain, Hope you are well. Here is the procedure that I use if not using my vac system http://www.smartperformanceinc.com/YZWRSHOCKREBUILD.htm The only thing is, you run the risk of tearing the Oring on the HSC adjuster piston while installing it. And you can't buy those over the counter. So if you want to try this procedure, order a few and have them on hand. regards James
  13. I would go with the Honda HP 5 wt. KYB01 over priced IMHO. better yet. Amsoil shock therapy for both ends. Good for Fork and shock. If not mistaking you can order 5 gal pal of that. Here is the link. https://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/other-products/suspension-fluid/shock-therapy-suspension-fluid-5-light/
  14. I agree with flo, dont skip on the MV!