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  1. crf450319

    2002 426 problems in the shop $$$

    Air, fuel, spark... like others have suggested, check your pilot jet (long skinny jet, seated right beside the main jet), after that I'd make sure your all of your timing marks are lined up & that your cam sprockets haven't jumped/skipped. You're gonna have to get real handy, real quick if you wanna keep from dishing out lots of $$ to the shop. This forum will be an excellent resource for you.
  2. crf450319

    Brand new motor, red hot header.....

    Don't worry about it... you'll find out if you're too lean on the bottom end if you get a lot of popping on deceleration (closed throttle). We run into that when we're riding in early Spring and late Fall with the cooler temps, going up one size on the pilot jet fixes it. If your bike isn't popping excessively, you're just fine..
  3. Hmm, didn't think I had it in there ? Oh well, I guess I did. This is how mine has been, yellow insert in place for the last 3 years :
  4. What I meant was that I'm running the '06 ignition without the plastic insert.
  5. Haha, well I'll reply then... I've got an '06 cdi in my '09, actually I've owned 2 '09 yz450f's and this ignition has been in both of them. I didn't take the yellow insert out of my '09 ignitions, I just ran the '06 as it was & it's been fine for 3 years. Hope that helps ?
  6. Well you're entitled to your opinion, regardless of how stupid I think it is.. Jumping a half tonne truck without wearing a helmet is one thing, going through a corner at 8mph (tops) on a PW50 is another. But keep on being the mini/helmet police, and I'll keep thinking you're an overzealous TT newb.
  7. You're kidding right ? That's my 4 year olds PW50, with the throttle limited to about 60%. There's a line between being safety conscious and being stupid about it. I was going about 7-8mph in that pic, I think I'm okay... Maybe not so much in this pic though, that's my '97 YZF1000 (predecessor to the R1) ??
  8. Really trying to work on my form here, the front end always wants to push on this thing...
  9. crf450319

    Just Picked This Up

    I liked my first '09 yz450f (bought new in 2010) that I bought another identical bike new in 2012, I'm gonna try to get another year out of this one... I'd love to buy another new '09 in 2015, but I think the deals that you guys have found are getting pretty rare & will only become more scarce. Nice finds !!
  10. crf450319

    2007 YZ450; No oil on dipstick

    I've gone no more than 7.2 hours on an oil change this year, and have only run MCF, aside from a 5 hour break in period where I ran Torco T4R (semi-syn). I've reduced the frequency of my filter changes to every second oil change, I guess for the same reason you went to an 18 month schedule for your cam chain replacement. April 21/13 Engine oil/filter changed @ 196 hrs (5 hrs) Amsoil MCF May 17/13 Engine oil/filter changed @ 201.9 hrs (5.9 hrs) Amsoil MCF June 17/13 Engine oil changed @ 208.3 hrs (6.4 hrs) Amsoil MCF July 28/13 Engine oil/filter changed @ 215.4 hrs (7.1 hrs) August 13/13 Engine oil (no filter) changed @ 222.4 hrs (7 hrs) Amsoil MCF September 11/13 Engine oil and filter changed @ 229.6 hrs (7.2 hrs) Amsoil MCF The links that bind in the cam chains I've removed don't seem horrible, but there does seem to be a bit of an issue. For the $20, and the added peace of mind I'll keep replacing them every 50 hours..
  11. crf450319

    2007 YZ450; No oil on dipstick

    I've always used Amsoil MC-F, I'm on my 2nd 2009 yz450f and ran MCF in my first yz as well. I changed my first cam chain back in 2010 at 60.9 hours (bike had been bought new, I put the hour meter on before it had ever been run), I remember that chain having 7 links or more that were binding which is why i dropped my replacement time down to 50 hours. Oct 22/10 New OEM cam chain @ 60.9 hours Oct 15/11 Replaced top end, new OEM cylinder and cam chain (48.9) @ 109.8 hrs New 2009 yz450 bought in Jan 2012 - put old hour meter on new bike, hour meter displayed 124 hours at the time. August 10/12 New cam chain @169.4 hrs (45 hrs) December 2012 New piston/rings @ 194 hours (70 hrs) - no cam chain August 13/13 New cam chain @222.4 hrs (53 hrs) I realize that I probably replace my cam chain more often than most people out there, but for $20 I'd rather have peace of mind. I ride/race MX only at a Vet A/B pace.
  12. crf450319

    2007 YZ450; No oil on dipstick

    I find it odd that someone's who states "I am a very meticulous and methodical person" wouldn't spend $30 on an hour meter ? Not trying to dig on you or anything like that, just seems strange to me.. I used to run my pistons for 100 hours, but ended up with ring float and damaged my cylinder. Now I replace my piston/rings at 70 hours, cam chain gets replaced every 50 hours. Every cam chain I've replaced has had links that bind, they're about $20... cheap insurance. I'd try a compression & leak down test.
  13. There are ways to accomplish that, without coming across as being a total a-hole... Coming from a newb to the site with 32 posts (OP) makes that sentiment seem even worse.
  14. Hey, I've got a friend who's suspension I've serviced before, he's got SSS (Superior Suspension Settings - Joe Skidd) stuff on his 2012 YZ450f & he rides at a fast "A" pace. When I serviced his shock I used Torco RSF light fluid, he said the first two rides - four 30 min motos were great but that the rear end felt very rough/harsh after that. It cost him around $700 to have it serviced (oil change front/back) by SSS including shipping it both ways. He wants me to service it for him again, but I'm reluctant to put the same Torco shock fluid in it. Can anyone tell me if there's something out there that will give us better results ? Cost per quart isn't much of an issue here. I've serviced countless sets of suspension for friends, and service my own (09 yz450f) every 20 hours of runtime. I've used both Torco and Amsoil fluids on my own bike with good results, but I'm thinking my buddy's bike will need something a little different. Thanks...
  15. What sort of answers do you expect to get when you decide to post "not here to meet people or make new friends" as the title to your thread ? Get your head out of your a$$ and think about it. What sort of reaction(s) do you think you're going to get ? If you can't understand why people start flaming you, maybe you should enroll yourself in some sort of people skills or personality classes ? There are a lot of people here, that are much smarter & have a far greater understanding of suspension systems than you do. If you don't act like such a d!ck you'll probably find that some of those people will help you out. Smarten up.... (a fellow embarrassed Canadian)