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  1. 421Slicer

    So how about this cam chain?

    If the noise persists after the MCCT, you might wanna pull the head and jug and check for small end free play (connecting rod). Before my big end bearing went (30K miles), it was waking a noise that sounded like it was coming from the top end... apparently the sound travels! Might save your piston and cylinder. Btw when I tore the motor apart, the cam chain guides showed very little wear, but I've always had a MCCT on it.
  2. Sounds odd. I commute on one of our 2 DRZ-SMs EVERYDAY 75 miles round trip, mountain roads and highway speeds. Then We take them out on the weekend and wring the doggy-doo out of them. Both are 2006's one with 27,000 miles, one coming up on 20,000. Manual cam tensioners on both. No issues with either one other than the battery. And they both run great. Biggest saving grace I think is NOBODY services my bikes but me. I just don't trust anyone that much!
  3. 421Slicer

    record millage out of the drz

    24K on my '06 SM. No issues. I'm not Nice to it!
  4. 421Slicer

    1st Time Valve inspection - easy questions

    You should try it sometime! It's fun! I wouldn't do Brown Mtn, though, unless it's completely dry! You'd probably have trouble getting over some rocks on the 17's too!
  5. 421Slicer

    KLR to DRZ400SM, enough power?

    SM is faster off the line, but when you get around 70mph, the KLR will perform better. The brakes are better on the SM. The SM is Lighter, and has a shorter seat height. The SM can be fitted with awesome road tires, the KLR has a limited selection. The KLR can be fitted with dirt tires, the SM has a VERY limited selection, unless you change out the wheels.
  6. 421Slicer

    Supermoto fast cornering techniques

    Absolutely agree with both of ya on that!
  7. 421Slicer

    Supermoto fast cornering techniques

    here's a pal of mine! and others...
  8. 421Slicer

    Supermoto fast cornering techniques

    notice the increased lean angle when sitting up straight
  9. 421Slicer

    Supermoto fast cornering techniques

    not a good angle, but you can get an idea with my head position. I dont hang off the left as much as the right!
  10. 421Slicer

    Supermoto fast cornering techniques

    Not It's Maximum... That's be dragging pegs (yeah I've done it!) ...even with a rain tire! I had to hang off more though! Note that hanging off will reduce the lean angle of the bike, while increasing corner ability! These pics, I was going between 45 and 50 mph. In the sub 30 turns, I tend to stick a foot out, and slam the pegs down... If it walks, my boot's ready!
  11. 421Slicer

    Shorter lever question

    I love my Zeta 3-finger Levers!
  12. 421Slicer

    Battery Tender harness routing

    I have mine under the rear fender. With only (mostly) road riding, it doesn't get that dirty. It has a cap too.
  13. 421Slicer

    Cold weather jetting

    My ZED LOVES the cold, pulls up 4th gear wheelies on throttle over the tiniest hump in the road! Frickin' Sweet! I do notice it runs a lot better when its in the 40's (f) than it does when it's 90 out! Still runs great into the teens too! I imagine it has something to do with compression.
  14. 421Slicer

    Bike "falls" out of 2nd gear

    I've had 'em hit false neutral in/between all gears... It was my bad shift technique, now corrected.
  15. 421Slicer

    wanted!! improved brakeing..

    More Brakes! really? My Stock Zed will throw the rear tire in the air at will, even at 70 mph. (the factory lines do get spongy though).