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  1. Mean Gene

    Dr350 valve adjustment question.... searched.

    You don't need that tool. Take a 4" #2 deck screw. Screw it into the end of a piece of broom handle leaving about 1 1/2" exposed. Heat the screw with a torch and bend it 90 degrees. There you go, you have the same tool.
  2. Mean Gene

    Running In The Cold

    I ride mine year round. I work outside all year round, so i can take any temp. mom nature can throw at me. I LOVE riding in the cold!!
  3. Mean Gene

    Plastics and paint

    I used the Krylon Fusion and had WONDERFUL results!!!!!!
  4. Mean Gene

    petcock q's?

    The amount of gas in the tank will greatly effect your tank milage. Duh, right? Well, if you do not fill the tank to the same point every time, you'll get more or less from your "tank" of gas. Some people insert the nozzle all in and let the pump kick it off as full. I pull the nozzle out a bit and visually fill it to the same point each time. As for running a vac. petcock bike bone dry, believe me, if you don't PRIME the carb before trying to restart, you will most likely kill the battery before it even tries to start.
  5. Mean Gene

    is anyone using EBC clutch?

    I used EBC w/ heavy springs...they suck. Go with STOCK discs and springs ONLY!
  6. Here is my 1995 DR350se
  7. Mean Gene

    tire irons - curved or straight?

    I use curved 10".
  8. Mean Gene

    Selling my DR650, suggestions on smaller bike ?

    DR 350se...you can't go wrong.
  9. Mean Gene

    Which DR350 do I have.

    Its actually SE not ES.
  10. Mean Gene

    Who has a Dr350

    Thanx bro!
  11. Mean Gene

    Who has a Dr350

    Hope this shows, my pic server has been totally suck lately. Anyway, here is my 95, refurbished this winter.
  12. Mean Gene

    supertrapp muffler for older dr

    Hahaha, and you know what? I still wear a full face helmet so I am not doing it for attention! I just like a little more volume.
  13. Mean Gene

    Help, need DR350S seat cover!

    I have a CEET on my XR...strong! You could go with your local apolstry shop. They did my DR 350se seet and recreated the band that wraps over it for $75.00...well worth it because it looks SWEEEEET!
  14. Mean Gene

    supertrapp muffler for older dr

    Careful bro...I was hammered on here for the desire of a louder pipe. To celebrate, I bought a Supertrapp and run 12 discs.
  15. Mean Gene

    Sparks plug reading...

    Sorry, hit the button before I was finished...anyway, they may be a little rich but it is good to be on the fat side rather than the lean side. Fat plugs won't punch holes in pistons, lol.