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  1. Willz

    Can-Am with Kawasaki 750 Triple!

    I've riden a couple of those old 3 cylinder two stroke kaw's... That motor was pretty insane in the road bike.... I cant even imagine it in that canam...
  2. I wanna see those Frazer Island pics!
  3. Willz

    FCR Upgrade

    On a positive note with that petcock mod the choke knob works fine as-is. It comes close but compared to the clearances seen on everything else, it clears the petcock by a mile.
  4. Willz

    FCR Upgrade

    Mine is the 2GU-24500-02-00 same as yours. Mine had the same clearance issue so I removed it from the rear exit and switched it to the bottom. The nipple is basiclly just pressure fit in there so you can carefully turn it out with some padding and your channel locks or vise grips. I then used micrometers to pick a drill bit to open up the bottom exit. (the petcock body has spots for a front, bottom, and rear exit) The drill job made a tight fit but not as tight as I liked so I gave it a light coat of JB Weld to good measure. To seal up the old rear exit hole I cut a very short length of vaccum hose and forced it into the opening. I then threaded a self tapping screw into the hose. So far.... Real good... I dont think it will ever leak.. I normally dont cobble stuff like that but the rear clearance issues got my all fired up so I turned into Mr. Rigger... Oh... and ericyz4.... that radial knob is a good suggestion(i hadnt seen those before) but i think the clearance is still to tight for it... on mine the clearance between the front plart of the petcock and the bottom seam on the tank would have to be measured with feeler guages. Its REALLY close.. http://i122.photobucket.com/albums/o266/Willz7/wrvalve.jpg
  5. Willz


    Umm is right... good name for the post...
  6. Willz

    Flame away.....

    He has some close calls in the longer version. Would be supirsed if he isnt dead yet...
  7. Willz

    "Dust to Glory" 2 part Vid

    I'm cheap for sure... And thanks xylicon, but I dont need your advise.... Really good flick... Definiatley worth ordering. Veccster - Is the one you ordered from netflix used or new? I'm not finding new ones for much under $15 with shipping.. Also, you say its the "original".. Is there more than one?
  8. Willz

    FCR Upgrade

    Hey screechingdemon I recently did the FCR and the same 24500-02 petcock on the metal tank like you did, along with the same clearance issues. I ended up running the outlet out the bottom of the valve and trimming the short end of the lever. (still cant use reserve) My only thought is to get a second stock tank spacer for the petcock and use longer bolts to lower it down enough to use reserve. With that of course you have another seam that could leak..
  9. Willz

    What is your favorite terrain ?

    Hilly trails with some rocks, mud, and downed trees thrown in there. More of a toned down mountian goat terrain that you can carry some speed on.
  10. Willz

    compalation of lil crashes

    There was a lot of tree clippin action in there..... The limb that sprung back and clothslined the guy:jawdrop:
  11. Willz

    "Dust to Glory" 2 part Vid

    I found a torrent to download it. Not real promising though... 2 seeds and 5 peers..... currently says it will take another 16 hours to finish... as good as the clips look maybe I'll just order the DVD..
  12. When I know I'll be riding trails like that I usually switch down to the XR250 with bark busters for some mountian goat performance. Either that or bring the chainsaw along for use on the first lap. Either way still some good fun trails that keep you on your toes.
  13. Willz

    Big Air MX helmet cam Newaygo MI

    That track does look like fun!
  14. Willz

    My Custom Rack

    I like the looks of that as well.... Good job.
  15. Willz

    Giving the sport a bad name

    I dont know if they're giving the sport a bad name as much as thier giving themselves a bad name. Not exactly a offroading-motocross environment. It's amazing how the car drivers are hardly even bothered by these guys. If anyone did that around here they would end up being run over by a pissed off motorist. I think a better option for them would be some kind of crotch rocket so they wern't holding up traffic while showing off. Or for them to at least learn to ride wheelies at a higher speed. I also saw comments on here about them having skills.... Hard to say.... most of my riding buddies that can ride wheelies for 5 miles @ 25mph are the ones that I always wait up for on trail. There are some though that are great at riding and doing wheelies. They are the ones that tend not to show off though.