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  1. Does this work well to clean a carb? Ive never heard of this method before and it sounds interesting!
  2. Why are you going to save up to buy a new engine if you just put a new engine in? I would say invest in an hour meter, suspension, and seat time.
  3. In theory, yes it would fit. There might be some swing arm or flap clearance issues but i'm not 100% sure. In my opinion though, that's a lot of tire for a 250.
  4. anyone have a code? PM me please i would appreciate it!
  5. This is why i was considering it. i have to order some stuff from Rocky mountain and they have front sprockets for $8, and for that price i figure why not. i wanted some other opinions though.
  6. i have an 09 250f and im running 13/49 gearing right now. the track i ride at has made some changes and lately i have found myself in 5th gear looking for another in some straighter sections. what do y'all think about running 14/49? how much would this affect the torque coming out of turns?
  7. I have been running the T6 synthetic in my bike(09 kx250f) and my brothers bike(07yz250f) for about two years now and neither of us have noticed any negative changes in bike performance. it works great in my opinion.
  8. My biggest superstition is that i will never say "one more lap" or "im just going out one more time." And i always have to follow the same routine when putting on my gear and warming up my bike.
  9. anyone order the helmet? i'm thinking about picking one up but i haven't been able to pull the trigger quite yet.
  10. why dont you make a good sized table top with a landing bump or even two in the middle, and eventually work your way to clearing it completely. This way you make something that will last you a while and you wont get bored with it after a week or so.
  11. http://www.sprocketcenter.com/g/4156/gear-ratio-chart.html Hope this helps
  12. rocky mountain has the rear d756 for $50. even thought its a bit outdated i thinks its a good deal and a good tire especially for the price
  13. your going to get mixed reviews between the dunlop MX51 and the bridgestone M404. Personally i like the M404's they held up great on my 250. Shop around and see what you can find a better deal on between the two if money is a problem and go with that one.
  14. The one that i remeber seeing leaving the race after a crash was Tyler Bowers. He is an Arenacross racer that was just trying supercross, so the points dont really matter to him it was his one and only SX race. But even then i dont see why he just left after he crashed even though everthing was perfectly capable of finishing the race.
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