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  1. Pondo


    Does adding a cap give it the truck nod?
  2. Pondo

    Xr650l HELP

    Buy me a plane ticket out to Cali and I will perform a personal evaluation. (Winter is returning again to Michigan)
  3. This takes me back to the DRZ forum back over 13 years ago. Someone would always suggest losing a couple of pounds of fat of your body instead.
  4. What are the expected benefits?
  5. Although I have both street and dirt bikes...my brain tells me I like the dirt bike better because there is less chance of dying on it. (Derived from the image)
  6. Pondo

    slight speed wobble at 50 mph

    There should be zero wobble. I would check to ensure everything is tight and in order first. Did you balance your wheels after installing the new tires?
  7. Pondo

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Michelin T63 They wear pretty well considering they are primarily used on street.
  8. Pondo

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    I forgot - will respond tonight.
  9. Pondo

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    My 2002.
  10. Pondo


    Yes. Both short term and long term solutions.
  11. Pondo

    Dual sport or Sport bike

    A dependable little dual sport would work. They are nice b/c they afford you better vision than standard street bikes due to the suspension. Just stay off the expressways and busy streets.
  12. Pondo

    Dual sport or Sport bike

    What % do you plan to ride dirt/street? Side streets/expressways? Dirt roads/2 tracks/track?
  13. 9 months...not 9 years. Just ride it. If the battery is low/dead than give it a push.
  14. Pondo

    Aluminum DRZ400 Kickstand?

    I broke my KTM kick stand on my KTM last Fall. The stand was down when I was standing up on it trying to kick start it. Snapped right off at the pivot. Being 250+ pounds maaay have something to do with it...