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  1. Thanks for the info Johnny. Im glad it wasnt raced. Even though when riding with the previous owner it feels like you are racing.
  2. Not really. It has some slipper clutch in it. I am trying to get the specs from previous owner. I know it was a practice bike for the 2008 1000. THe previous owner(friend of mine) doesn't know the brand of clutch. He also said it always was hard if not impossible to find nuetral while running.
  3. 2008 klx, can't get it into nuetral while the bike is running. If I turn it off it will go right in. Not too sure what is going on. Any ideas?
  4. New to me bike. Some might recognize this bike.
  5. Man my 04 with stock gearing, offroad, tapped out bouncing off of the limiter will only go 86. 15/50 on the gearing. Must be something the matter with my bike.
  6. Make sure you have appropriate tires and pressure. Learn to relax and let the bike move or dance underneath you. And always be on the gas. Not really a need for front brake. Might want to steer with throttle and rear brake. For me sand is where you do not want to lug. Be in the power and have fun.
  7. I am not sure what you got for five hundred bucks, but I hope it works for you. Sorry If I remember it is almost a grand for front and rear(the works) from Precision.
  8. Suspension is expensive but worth it. You can get front and rear springs for aroud 210 from race tech. having it valved is pricey aswell. Close to 2000 for front and rear. THat is re-valve, springs, rebuild, oil and labor.
  9. DrzDasher


    I was out there exterminating some dogs.
  10. DrzDasher


    Blue Inn was closed yesterday, hope they are open when you guys go out there.
  11. Prefered method is to loft or hit front wheel and miss the frame all together and just hit with rear tire. Like you said earlier jump it.
  12. Sounds like dinner to me. Dear DFG, I was fearful of my life. Thanks this is a great dinner.
  13. A Sh!thouse, maybe. Looks comfy to me.
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