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  1. shortburb

    Western slope conditions

    awesome thank you
  2. how does that western slope REALLY look this time of year? rideable or no? Im thinking about doing a few days in RV at the end of january
  3. Noice! thats a fun trail, behind sprucewood. id love to try it with some snow on that rock section before the power tower.
  4. Usually thanksgiving is when I start to hit the MX tracks again, but Im wondering if rampart and/or westcreek/717 are still rideable? Has anyone been up this week? Mike
  5. shortburb

    Two bro racing miliken

    lol lakewood! lakewood MX is always good when they prep miliken does have some kid trails/tracks I haven't been to berthoud in years, i cant comment really. Im a watkins/lakewood fan myself. I live 10 mins from watkins and lakewood is worth the 40 min drive for me....however I have not been on the mx track for the majority of the season-iv been getting seat time in the woods while the gettins' good. ill start back at the mx track when it gets cold
  6. shortburb

    Two bro racing miliken

    Iv ridden there once. They do wed night riding after 4 and sundays after 12. Its Ok, its a bit of a haul for me. easy to over jump some of the bigger tables and air it out into space and land flat the dirt was nice when I rode there. meh im indifferent about it.
  7. Hey guys/gals If you spot and/or can safely capture a blood hound that's loose near rampart range road/hwy 67 please call or text me. Its not my dog but shes been out for almost 7 days now. Id like to help get her back to her owner I saw her on 67 near the woodbine center (where the indian teepee is in the field on 67)and tried to get her last night (unsuccessfully) and then later saw a lost dog sign (first lot at rampart) with her description. I called and the guy went looking for her (back where I saw her) but was unsuccessful. She didn't seem aggressive but might be slightly skiddish. cross post to facebook if you can. Mike 303.941.0144
  8. shortburb


    I use this EVERY TIME https://www.colorado.gov/apps/dps/mvvs/public/entry.jsf Although I dont thinks its perfect, I can still print the page when I run it and have a page from a state run page telling me that it was not stolen at the time of purchase...to me even a small piece of CYA is better than no CYA...
  9. shortburb

    Night riding @ rampart?

    You don't have to ride at night if you don't want to, no one is forcing you. No one is forcing snake charmers to play a clarinet to coax a snake out of a basket either. People will do what they want to do, regardless of plenty of information that says they shouldn't.
  10. shortburb

    Night riding @ rampart?

    I bought 2 sets of Cree LED powered bike lights. $40/set. one for the bike and one for the helmet. The weekday evening runs have been going long, so id rather have lights and ride later than try and rush back to the truck before dark. http://www.stupidbright.com/cree-powered-900-lumen-xm-l-t6-led-bike-light-set-includes-wide-angle-lens-helmet-mount-option/
  11. shortburb

    Booby traps in Rampart

  12. shortburb

    Can someone clarify the Watkins situation?

    oops...didnt see the addition to this thread before I started a new Jewell MX thread...sorry for redundancy
  13. I came across this on facebook. They only have about 100 likes at the moment but some promising pics. Does anyone have more info on the place? I messaged the facebook page asking a few questions but more than I care about the politics behind it, Im stoked that the track is reopening. https://www.facebook.com/JewellMotocross MIke
  14. shortburb

    Booby traps in Rampart

    scary!..... but unless he got tangled in some cable or found some sort of trap-it sounds like he probably just went down real hard without any other interventions.
  15. shortburb

    Possibly relocating to Denver

    Yep. You go right ahead man.