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  1. Chezz197

    Suspension help- Front End too Soft on 07 crf450r

    Agreed. I went with those spring rates (stock valving) and BOTH ends are still too soft. What happens if I put more than the max recommended amount of oil in the legs?
  2. Chezz197

    My vote: Best looking CRF450 of 2009 !

    I think HRC's is pretty sweet
  3. Chezz197

    Suspension Revalve in Oklahoma

    Does that mean you've used his stuff or know someone who has?
  4. I just picked up a new CRF 450 and I'm going to need to respring and revalve both ends of the bike (6'2", 240 lbs). Would be interested in any thoughts on suspension tuners in OK. Marshall Plumb - Marshall's Racing: Ex factory mechanic, has a great reputation around here, but kind of expensive. Robert Reynard - Reyanrd Modifications: Well known for motors in these parts, but don't know much about his suspension work. Richard Wilson - House of Horsepower: Seem to specialize in off-road suspension and KTM's. I'm primarily MX and own a Honda. Seems to be reasonably priced.
  5. Chezz197

    2008 Crf450 $4000.00?

    Correction to my earlier post - Oklahoma Honda in OKC has them for $4,999.
  6. Chezz197

    Which to Buy - 2007 vs 2008

    Thanks for the info guys. I picked up the 08 on Friday for $3,900. It was just as described in the ad - brand new! Now, I ned to sell my 06 YZ 250 2t, which is in great condiiton. If you know of anyone who might be interested, send me a PM and I'll send pics and additional details.
  7. Chezz197

    Which Oil Do You Use?

    I just bought a 08 450 and was wondering which oils you would recommend in the tranny and for the engine. Thanks.
  8. Chezz197

    Help!! Just bought this bike today. 08 crf450r

    I understand Oklahoma Honda in OKC has that same deal. I bought an 08 with 2 hours on it for $3,900 on Sunday.
  9. Chezz197

    2008 Crf450 $4000.00?

    I hear Oklahoma Honda has them also for $4,500
  10. Chezz197

    Which to Buy - 2007 vs 2008

    From what I've read, the 08 has a little bit better motor (ignition mapping I think), but the forks are way worse than the 07. I'll need to put stiffer springs on either. I'm 6'2" and almost 240lbs.
  11. Chezz197

    when to use the front brake?

    When you want to stop or slow down. 70% - 80% of the stopping power is in your fronnt brake. With the clutch in, you can use the back brake to help change directions, or pivot, in turns. When you master using the front brake as your primary stopping/slowing tool, you will br amazed how much deeper into a turn you can go with the throttle on.
  12. I am seriously thinking about changing religions from a YZ 250 2t to a CRf 450. A good friend of mine owns a shop and I can get a 2007 CRF that has less than 10 hours on it (3 of them are from me over the last two days) for $3,200or a brand new in the crate 08 CRF for $4,500. Interested in your opinions. Thanks.
  13. Chezz197

    CR85 Expert When was last year made?

    I believe I some recently advertised on Ktmtalk in the mini section
  14. Chezz197

    Top 5 YZ mods under 100.00 each...

    If you're over 6 ft. tall - a tall seat from Guts or SDG should be in there somewhere.
  15. Nice. I hope in 20 years my son and I are still riding together