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  1. I did jump the gun a bit... Ordered the new stock free piston from SDi. Then I found out about the metal type. Called SDi up and got my order switched to their metal versions. Didn't know Racetech had them as well. They are a bit cheaper than the SDi metal free pistons... But SDi had the parts to me in less than 24 hours...WOW! Now...to find procedures for disassembly and reassembly of the compression valve... or at least some proper tightening torques...
  2. Thanks for the pointer!But dang! $78 shipped for the plastic free piston... vs $215 for the whole complex assy. Ugh!
  3. Hello TT, 2007 YZ250f. Parts fiche only shows full comp valve assy. Can't just buy the broken component??? Thank you, pjpoo
  4. pjpoo


    What is sag run at for this bike? It is the big-wheel chassis setup for supermoto (17" wheels).
  5. pjpoo

    buying XR250R; where to look for problems

    I'm selling my 1988 XR250R. It's plated and street legal. http://losangeles.craigslist.org/ant/cyc/495577633.html P.S. I'm in SoCal, not Colorado.
  6. I don't think it's the chain on the swingarm. The noise isn't consistent enough to be that, as well as the fact the noise is coming from the front or center of the bike. Chain was just maintained as well. The kickstarter is fully tucked away. It kind of follows the speed of the motor. It isn't consistently there, so it's like something is engaging sometimes. And yes, it pretty much is the same noise the kickstart makes just after the motor starts but before you release the kickstart.
  7. pjpoo

    LC4 oil?

    Went with Rotella T Synth...
  8. My bike is emitting a spinning, ratcheting type of noise when running. This sounds similar to when you first kick over the bike, the ratcheting noise you get before releasing the kick start back up. In fact, I'd say, just like it, except quieter. It seems to come as you get the bike moving at a decent speed, but it's quiet enough you won't hear it when you open the throttle and the motor starts revving. And it disspears as you slow to a stop and idle. The bike is an '88 XR250R, if it matters. What is this noise and is it detrimental or is it a sign of repairs I must make?
  9. pjpoo

    LC4 oil?

    I have a 625 SMC. First time doing oil change since buying it. Looks like Motorex synth is factory oil rec. Does anyone run anything else? I've always run Shell Rotella T dino. Can you switch from syth to dino?
  10. Dealer no longer could order them and I was directed to www.repairmanual.com I looked up the '06 KTM 625 and nothing was there available but the suspension manual. Eventually on my third visit I realized manuals were available under '05 KTM 625...so I bought all three, for almost $80. All hard copies. Anyone have the PDF's they could email? That would be great for backup! Send me a PM or something.
  11. The dealer told me it's not available to order anymore?! Even the owner's manual. How the **** am I supposed to know how to take care of the bike?
  12. Buy? I want one for free! Downloadable anywhere?
  13. pjpoo

    2006 Ktm 625 Sm

    I just bought an '06 625 SMC w/1,100 miles last night for $5700. I have yet to pay the CA DMV their taxes. I noticed the 2nd poster saying the 640 is better as it has passenger pegs, but my bike has them, too.
  14. pjpoo

    600R vs 650L, wheels and brakes

    If the hubs are different only by the brake rotor mounting points, that's ok. The supermoto kit will have hubs made for the 320mm rotor. As long as the hub width and diameter is the same, then I should be ok. But is the caliper mount in the same spot? Is it the same caliper (or do the calipers have the same bolt spacing)? I plan to keep both wheel sets so I can swap back and forth from street to dirt wheels. I should only have to take off the dirt wheels, remount the caliper on the bracket, and put the street wheels on. And vice versa. So if the hubs are the same width and the axles are the same diameter, my only issue should be whether the caliper relocator bracket will work... Thanks for any and all clarification!
  15. Are the wheels/hubs interchangeable between the two bikes? Do they have the same caliper mounts? Are the front brake rotors interchangeable? I ask because I am wondering if a supermoto kit made for a 650L (wheels/hubs and caliper relocator bracket for a 320mm rotor) will also be a straight-up, bolt-on fit for the 600R. Thanks!