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  1. mxpunk38

    07' YZ250F jetting Please Help!

    thanks guys! I'll be messing with it soon!
  2. Okay, I have a 2007 YZF250. I have a White Brothers Carbon Pro Exhaust and a JE High Compression Piston. That is all I have done to the bike, I went up about 2 sizes on both the main and pilot jet. the needle position is stock. I have the AP linkage o-ringed together. But I have a horrible bog! I just put a size 45 leak jet into it. I had an R and D Racing float bowl that was like $250 and It didnt help with the bog either so i took it off. What am I doing wrong? I couldnt find anything on the jetting page with someone having a 07 with my mods. I also live in Indiana. Thanks!
  3. when someone says clip in 3rd position on the needle, is it third from the top or third from the bottom? and what does changing that actually affect?
  4. mxpunk38

    Merge Racing ALJ Kit

    I have the r and d power bowl, and i have a horrible bog, cant seem to fix it...
  5. hey man, I took them directly out of my 06'. I have no clue what the scribe marks where, but according to my manual stock springs are .46's and thats what i took out of my bike.
  6. Dave! I talked to a couple weeks back about an exhaust, but as soon as you have the new cone shape I def. want to get an MRD!
  7. mxpunk38

    Leatt-Brace - Yes or No?

    I can't believe who ever that doctor is on here that said all that crap. are you retarted? I don't need any testing on this product to know that it does work. Just by looking at it I know that it would help. I always learned, don't dress for the ride, dress for the crash. A couple years ago when Asterisks and other knee braces first came out i everyone was very skeptical about how much they were and such. As was I, I never really thought about them, until I tore my ACL. I had ACL Reconstruction about a year ago by one of the best Knee Doctors around, he has actually worked on Travis Pastrana's Knees since he was 12. But I still cannot run very well, and the only way I can ride is with my Asterisks. I would even dream of riding without my knee braces, and now my Leatt Neck Brace. Be Smart, Riding isn't cheap.
  8. mxpunk38

    White honda seat cover?

    Throttle Jockey has some as well as FLU Designs
  9. mxpunk38

    Factory Connection

    TheDogger...I didn't mean "works" piston, but they have aftermarket pistons i have rode a couple bikes back to back with the same set-up (oil height, spring rate, and shims, etc.) just the pistons changed, and i could definetely tell a huge difference between stock piston and aftermarket. the aftermarket piston was def. more plush in the beginning of the stroke and got harder as it settled more. the aftermarket piston directs/flows the oil a little bit differently and you can tell a difference. I'm not saying that everyone can feel a difference, but being fast enough, you get pretty picky. And thats why this thread was started, and I understand what the guy is saying.
  10. mxpunk38

    Factory Connection

    I have Factory Connection Suspension on my bike and it isnt too bad. I know it could def. be better...but I have talked to Matt Battista the owner of MB1, and the owner of FCR suspension. and they both said the same thing. All that factory connection does is modify your pistons, they don't really do anything else, like mess with the shims and such, if they do its just off a basic chart. You will really feel a difference if you send it to MB1 and they put a "works" piston in it, shim it, get the correct oil height, get it sprung for your weight, and then set the clickers the right way. I say for FC, they are basically just doing anything for the average joe, no customizing.
  11. mxpunk38

    2006 450 Jetting

    125shifter..i am actually a certified Honda and Kawasaki technician. I went to MMI and all...i was just looking to see if anyone rejetted. i know how to jet a bike, but a basis or to even see if someone rejetted was all that i was wondering.
  12. mxpunk38

    2006 450 Jetting

    hey 125shifter...i would whoop your ass on any track. i was jsut looking for feedback on jetting, so thank you for anyone who helps..not wastes my time
  13. mxpunk38

    2006 450 Jetting

    I just got a Yoshimura RS-2 exhaust. Haven't rode with it yet, but i have started it up. Yosh's website says that jetting should remain stock...but i am just wondering if anyone has a Yoshimura pipe and if they re-jetted just so i can see before i ride it. I won't do anything to the jetting though until i ride it, but a basis would be nice. and please no one post on here "you should've spent your money on something else, 450 already has enough power"...
  14. mxpunk38


    Anyone have either a Yoshimura RS-2 Full/slip-on, or a Pro Circuit Ti-4/T-4 Full/Slip-on, or a FMF Powercore S/O, FMF Factory 4.1 carbon/titanium full, or a Leo Vince/Akrapovic/MRD pipes for sale?! Thanks NEW or USED