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  1. WebGringo

    KTM 690 Enduro 2008

    Good ds bike
  2. WebGringo

    KTM 690 Enduro (2008)


    Good ds bike
  3. You will need to add the rallyraid speedo mount, besides that it should work. I have an ohlins kit from an exc on my -08.
  4. What about these, good stuff ? http://extremedualsport.com/page10.html
  5. Would this be the standard connector on the LC4 as well, or i will need to solder and shrink it ? https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/1156/42583/Sicass-Racing-Flush-Mount-LED-Turn-Signals?term=sicass%20turn%20signals
  6. Thanks. They look great, thing is, its led. I might be a whimp, but that electrical system is bad enough stock n standard on the lc4. Any parts added, as a led relay, is another thing that might, and probably will go sideways on the worst moments. Would prefer standard bulbs, so i can use current wiring, but i will keep em in mind for sure.
  7. Those are sweet. U have a link where i can get em ?
  8. Need to have em on as i use the bike for ds, but the current ones break way to easy. Been thinking on using something similar to a fender blinker from a car to get em out of the way. Anyone here tried it ? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TOYOTA-HILUX-LN145-LN166-FENDER-GUARD-BLINKER-SIDE-INDICATOR-LIGHT-LAMP-97-05-/261679283957?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item3ced4cfef5 Does it give water issues from the rear tire ? Vibrate and brake ? Electrical issues ? How to do it and not making to much and many new holes on the fender ? Any other theorys ?
  9. WebGringo

    Dirt bike tours in Cabo ?

    Short one on the trip, to sum it up, just shoot andrik a mail or give him a call. The guy knows the area, good bikes, good setup, friendly. Tell him what you want out of it and he will cover it for ya. For sure ill use him again the next time im down there.
  10. WebGringo

    Dirt bike tours in Cabo ?

    Update so far, been in contact with Andrik at www.bajadirt.com. Hoping for the best, and in a perfect world i might even remember to post a report of it all afterwards.
  11. WebGringo

    Dirt bike tours in Cabo ?

    Thanks girl. Did shoot a few PMs, lets see what happens. And yea, as a note on your comment back in that thread. Baja surely is awesome, kinda like dirtbiking paradise.
  12. WebGringo

    Dirt bike tours in Cabo ?

    Having a trip planned down to CSL, and really would love to make some desert dust once im down there. Did a google search and these links came up. All seems to start out in San Jose, thats all cool, but who has tried these guys out. Witch one is the one to go for ? Plan is to go for a day, more than that and i start to get sloppy anyway, and will hurt for the full 2 weeks im down there. So whats the words of wisdom nowdays ? http://www.cabosanlucastours.net/Dirt-Bike-Tour.htm http://bajaride.com/ http://www.offroadbajaadventures.com/wwa.html http://www.loscabosguide.com/bajadirt/
  13. 50 pesos, what color ? 500 pesos, what color ? Pulling a fast one, where they take your 500, and shows you a 50, meaning, hey, you only gave me 50, not 500. Saw your site, you must been down there quite a bit, never had em do that one to ya ?
  14. Hey, just stay away from the strip in cabo, they all wanna rip you off, thats how it works there. Been a few years since i lived down there, but san jose used to be a whole other ballpark on how tourists are treated. Pemex, pesos, yea, they will try to do the old color trick on ya as well. Give em a 500, they do some mexican magic, and then they show you a 50, saying it aint enough, and then they keep the change on your 500.
  15. That would probably be going wide in a corner and hitting the dirt with my blackbird. Otherwise, CR500