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  1. jjkile

    2007 WR450 Performance Mods

    I got the 18.2 from somewhere on this forum. But the measurement said from the shoulder to the tip. So it didn't include the head the way I understood it. I'm not sure which post, but I did read almost all the forum before I started. I didn't check the measurement from the top to the tip, to see what the overall is.
  2. Thanks much. I thought that was funny. 57 dollars. I said no thanks, I think I'll call you back with a part number.
  3. Hey all, little help. I did all my mods to the 08 wr but I screwed up on the throttle stop. Cut it to short. Don't ask. Does any one know the oem part number for the yz throttle stop. I thought I was stupid. My local dealer tried to tell me it was 57 frickin dollars. I don't know what they were lookin at. I was hoping I could call back with a part number. This dealership puts hot chicks behind the counter and they know less than me and I don't know S*!$
  4. jjkile

    2007 WR450 Performance Mods

    I ordered the tt kit, so no screw. Yeah, I dont know how I missed the mark so bad. I even used a digital caliper, but I think I forgot to zero it out before I marked the screw. The last thing I want is the throttle sticking on this thing. Thanks for the input guys. I guess I better get the part number. The chick at the closest dealer just tried to tell me the screw was 57 dollars. LOL Sometimes I wonder.....
  5. jjkile

    2007 WR450 Performance Mods

    Just completed the mods on my 08 wr450. Air box, pipe insert removed, throttle stop. Waitng on AIS Kit. One issue not sure if its a problem. When I cut the throttle stop to the specified 18.2mm I must have cut on the wrong side of my line. When I checked it, it ended up at 17.32. Is this a big issue. Should I get the new screw? I installed it and all seems well when I roll the throttle. Havent riden yet due to work and weather.
  6. After a lot of reading I am leaning towards the yamaha myself, I ride a wr250 now and its never let me down.
  7. I am curious if you made a choice. I am looking at the 08 wr 450 or the 08 klx 450. I am currently on a wr 250 and moving up to the 450. I like the looks of the klx but my wr has been very reliable. Not sure what to do. Trying to read everything I can on both.
  8. jjkile

    2003 JR50 question

    Got er done. Pulled the first pilot and reset the needle valve. Everything looked very clean but I carb cleaned it all since I was in there anyway. No more fuel dumping from the float bowl. Seems to be running well now. Thanks
  9. jjkile

    2003 JR50 question

    Starting has not been a problem. The bike fires right up and idles fine. Sometimes it will take off good and others there is a hesitation or a bog when he is trying to go or even while he is at 1/2 to 3/4 throtle. The air filter is clean. Is it possible something is stuck or gummed up in the float bowl. I think I might pull that next and check it out. I purchased the bike used and I think they left gas in it for a while. They said they started it every so often but didn't ride it. When I picked it up it fired on the second kick. I brought it home and it didn't have power to pull my five year old through the grass. I think I have most of it solved now. I just noticed the fuel dumping and the on and off hesitation. This was the first real decent weekend hear in cleveland that the kids could ride much.
  10. jjkile

    2003 JR50 question

    When the bike is running I am getting fuel dumping from the overflow line off the carb. I checked needle vavle,it seems fine not worn or anything. The bike does have a bog sometimes and sometimes it runs up through the rpms no problem. I will probably pull the needle valve again for good measure. Any other sugestions would be great.
  11. jjkile

    JR50 Needs a Boost

    I will. I didn't get to it this weekend. Work and then celebrating my Irishness got the better of me. This week I leave on a trip through next weekend. So it will probabaly be a couple weeks before I know. I just picked up my new boots at the dealer and he recomended removing the carb and cleaning the entire thing, so thats going to be my next step. I already did the aircleaner and the baffle. I will pop in the new plug after the carb bath.
  12. jjkile

    JR50 Needs a Boost

    Yeah I saved some info on that that had seen. Sounds like a fairly easy mod.
  13. jjkile

    JR50 Needs a Boost

    I will run through all of that this weekend. Thanks for the direction. I didn't think I should have to take out the restrictors. I want the boy to start off slow. They guy I picked it up from said his kid was afraid and it didn't get riden at all for several months. I replaced the gas and checked the air filter and cleaned up the exhaust. It ran a little better but still no balls in the grass. Sounds like I need to get into the carb and pick up a new plug.
  14. jjkile

    Just bought a used JR50 for the boy...

    Dont know what year it is, but I went to a suzuki dealer and they ordered a manual for me. Cost $30
  15. jjkile

    jr 50

    I just picked up an 03 and have the same problem. The thing starts up and runs great. It will get going with my son on it on cement. In the grass it wont get moving. I am going to remove the restrictor washers this weekend to see if it helps. This info doesnt help at all but your not alone.