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  1. sashapave

    Full Review of the 2019 Honda CRF450L Dual Sport

    Thank you for a great review! I really hope this bike is a success for Honda and other Japanese brands follow suit. I also hope that Honda then develops a CRF650L with a bit beefier chassis and range - giving us more options than the 690/701, and a true Baja killer.
  2. The coupon still applies, just placed an order!
  3. Hi all, I have a few basic newbie questions. I ride a 2005 KTM 450exc that over this past year have lost rebound dampening progressively in the forks. I just replaced the oil and noticed something odd with the rebound damper adjuster tube (the thin long alum tube in the center of the forks). Both tubes did not spring back when pushed (which I understand is supposed to happen). And on one side, the rebound damper tube "sank" all the way in and was flush with the top of the spring carrier on the top side (I believe both sides are supposed to stick out about 1/4"). Are the tubes supposed to be "springy"? And if they are, could it be the rebound needle is stuck somehow on both legs? It's my first time changing the oil, I'm not sure how old the previous oil was, at least a couple years. Changing the oil did not help and there is still no rebound dampening. Thanks in advance, Sasha Is this supposed to be "springy"? (not my photo)
  4. sashapave

    Acerbis 6 gal tank for RFS

    I was just out there in Feb. (Saline Valley) and I was considering a 6g as well. I already had a 3.2 clarke so I opted to buy a few 1.5l Primus fuel bottles instead, and held them in a set of Wolfman e-10 saddlebags. It worked great, balanced the weight and saved me some cash. Best part is you can adjust how many bottles you carry in the rear. The Acerbis tanker is probably a simpler solution, but it seemed very big/bulky for my needs. Have a blast! Sasha
  5. sashapave

    450exc Leaking from Front Sprocket??

    I just replaced my chain/sprockets. Front seal wasn't leaking before, now it is (even with centering it and torquing to spec). Used a KTM brand front sprocket. I'm going to replace the washer-seal. It's only seeping but I could see it getting messy over time.
  6. sashapave

    2010 450 XC-W street kit

    It's a whole lotta work to accomplish this. Better to sell the bike and get an 07+ exc. The 7xxx mile rule is a bitch for bikes like this. I had to pass up a good deal on a KTM 950 in Reno for the same reasons. Didn't have enough miles, plus after out-of-state reg fees and sales tax in CA, it wasn't such a sweet deal anymore. That was a street-legal bike, I wouldn't want to imagine what's involved in a non CA street-legal bike. ****ing California, these laws are designed to keep people from buying across state lines. I know of 3 dirt bikes which got their CA plates revoked because it was later determined they were originally dirt VINs. Really, CARB, you have all this time to track down and revoke plates, yet our public services are strapped and cops/teachers are being laid off? ****ing priorities!
  7. 2005 CA plated. Mostly stock. Love this bike!
  8. sashapave

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    Couldn't resist contributing my '05:
  9. Hi all, I have an '05 KTM 450 EXC that I'm planning to do a long-range dirt ride on (Death Valley loop). I have a Clarke 3.2 gallon tank, but for the route we're planning, I'm going to need to carry an extra 1.5-2 gallons. I'm also going to have one of these on the back: http://www.giantloopmoto.com/ Besides a cheap gas can and a bungee net, are there any recommendations? Some considerations: - Baja Designs rear fuel tank (1.5g). This is nice but I hear it doesn't hold up too well (rubs on rear tire) during harder riding. And with the giant loop bag, it'll probably rub all day. - Acerbis 6.6 gallon Exxon Valdez edition. Awesome tank, but pricy. I'd never fill it all the way, that's nearly 40 pounds of high-riding weight! A gas can and bungee might very well be the cheapest option. This is a one-time ride and probably wouldn't need the extra capacity again. Maybe there's a really good can that doesn't leak and won't fall apart the 10x it will fall off the back of the bike? Thanks for any advice! Sasha in Oakland
  10. sashapave

    My 2007 525 exc is here!

    Hey 1stgear, PM me when you're ready to sell your bike!
  11. sashapave

    no more dual sport EXCs???

    From what I understand they're still dual sport here in the states. They did the same thing last year on their website, showing generic non-us EXCs. I hope it's an incredibly popular model for them so other manufacturers will hop on board.
  12. sashapave

    450 exc Oil change?

    If you ask 10 people here about oil you'll get 10 different (but equally as valid) answers. I personally like Motorex and believe it's a good product. I usually change the oil after each full day of riding, every 2nd change I do the filters. Just remember to fill the filter cavities with oil 1/2 way after putting in the new ones.
  13. sashapave

    which ktm to buy

    I just switched over to a 05 KTM 450 EXC from a xr650r and I only wish I did it sooner. The KTM is just a pleasure to flick around and I'm about 1/3 less tired at the end of the day (the e-start has a lot to do with that!). It doesn't have the grunt, but I ride better now with smoother power. I had the Same problem with dual-sport. My XR was plated and I finally found a KTM plated. Keep your eyes open on Craigslist (both norcal/socal, even Nevada). Search in Motorcycles for 'plated' and 'legal' I don't know about gearing on the 07, but couldn't you solve it with sprockets? I hear the suspension is much better on the 07's, plus you never have to worry about the dreaded letter from the DMV. I thought of getting the 525, but I realized that I didn't need all the power, and the 450 was easier to ride (I mostly do technical). I think it has the same dimensions and only weighs like 2lbs more. -Sasha
  14. I'm curious also about the fan. I have an 05 450 exc with KTM tubular radiator guards and a Clarke tank. Will it still fit? -sasha
  15. sashapave

    Handlebar question: 05 450 exc

    The width is good, the height is good. But the bend (sweep?) back isn't enough for me. I like them to have a bit more angle. -sasha