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  1. redrider650r

    Green sticker vs ca plate

    You shouldn't need the green sticker if your bike meets street legal requirements while riding offroad, including but not limited to: blinkers, horn, DOT tires etc.
  2. redrider650r

    Why are there so many deaths at Glamis?

    Not wearing Helmets in Rhinos (not necessarily driving like a maniac) Not wearing seatbelts in Rhinos or Rails... Unsupervised children... All major killers this year
  3. I agree with Birdy, 1 Pink + 2 diff. registrations. I also think it is law or has been to keep a copy of Registration with the bike.
  4. redrider650r

    Warp 9 Might Start Making Husky Stuff

    How about now, any updates? I sent an email about 2 months ago with no response.
  5. redrider650r

    Installing graphics....any tricks?

    I cheated for mine. I did the fender decals myself and took the shroud decals to a graphics shop locally for $20
  6. redrider650r

    Mounting a GPS unit on your bike?

    Do you have electric start? If so, Cycoactive website has cables to attach GPS to your battery for $29.
  7. redrider650r

    San Diego BLM meeting

    This is NOT for the Otay Mountains. These meetings involve McCain Valley / Lark Canyon OHV Area. Eastern San Diego County for the El Centro Field Office would include Julian / Ranchita south to Boulevard, CA.
  8. redrider650r

    Tips on BRP sub-mount, Scott's damper install?

    JdB, I do run a bar pad, had to do some cutting on it though. I posted a pic of the bike in a different thread.
  9. redrider650r

    Husky Pics.

    It is a scott's stabilizer. I actually just got the graphics on Monday, but I did miss the race. I should definitely be at the National with my dad (husky) and brother (ktm). Thanks for the comments.
  10. redrider650r

    Flick Whips mounts

    They have nice mounts. I would try your local dealer to see if they can order it, that's where I bought mine. They run $20 or $30 and should last a lot longer than those aluminum axle mounts.
  11. redrider650r

    Husky Pics.

    Thanks, Cemoto makes the graphics. Got them from a place in Chino, CA since they wont let me say the name on the board here. They were listed on thread for aftermarket parts.
  12. redrider650r

    Tips on BRP sub-mount, Scott's damper install?

    OK All, Here is a pic of my scott's stabilizer on my '07 TE450 with the larger knob.
  13. redrider650r

    Husky Pics.

    Here is a shot of my Husky:
  14. redrider650r

    Thanks AMA

    Thank you AMA for my 3 yr. anniversary pin. It's the small things that count:thumbsup: