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  1. CRF Jeff

    I'm thinking factory connection

    Go with Factory Connection, they are the best. It will cost a lot (mine was $800+), but I have never found anyone yet that was not completely satisfied with the results. In the woods, there is no better mod for your bike that well tuned suspension.
  2. CRF Jeff

    Electric Starter Still Won't Work

    The battery is charged, the starter relay has been replaced, the fuse is good, there is still no voltage getting to the starter. On the right (exhaust) side of the airbox, there is a small black "box" that the 15 amp fuse plugs into, and when I hit the starter button, there is apretty loud clicking noise coming directly from this little box. I figured I would replace that, but from the parts list, it appears to be part of the wiring harness, and only replacable if I swap out the entire wiring harness. Has anyone ever experienced this?
  3. CRF Jeff

    How Loud is the DRD system ?

    I swear by Dr D pipes & have one on both my crf250-X & Crf250 -R. Great power, the longer header pipe provides great low- mid power increase, and the quiet tip makes it perfect for stealthy off road riding. Go Dr. D......
  4. CRF Jeff

    Electric Starter is Dead

    When I push the e-start button, I hear a "click" from the relay back by the air-box, but the starter motor is dead - nothing. Does that symtom sound like a bad starter motor of a bad relay?
  5. CRF Jeff


    There are some good motor oil comparisons out there. Based on one i read a few years ago when I purchased my first Honda CRF, I have been using Mobil-1 Racing 4T, a motorcycle specific fully synthetic oil. It kicked-butt in the comparison test, and has worked well for me since 2005.
  6. CRF Jeff

    Factory Connection Suspension Springs/Valving?

    I highly recommend Factory Connection suspension mod's. It cost a lot, but well worth it if you value good suspension. Mine needed an "extra" re-valve because it was not perfect for me the first time, and they had no problem with that. They were going to keep working with me until it was correct.
  7. CRF Jeff

    big bore kit

    When I installed my Athena 280cc kit, I also added Kibblewhite valves and a Dr. D pipe. Now I have a fast and reliable bike!!! The stock Ti handa valves are junk, and since I go on long (multi-day) rides, I did not want a trip ruined by losing a valve mid-ride.
  8. CRF Jeff

    dr d exhaust

    I agree with stretzhs459. I have an R & an X, both with Dr D pipes on them, and my X-quiet tip exhaust is quiet enough that I can hear the valve train noise (loud enough to make me wonder if everything is OK in there!!). The exhaust note on my R hurts my ears. Dr D sells a repack kit for about $40 that you just slip on. I do that to my X once a year, and nobody gets mad at me. We have a sound Nazi at our club riding area, and my X always tests below 94db.
  9. CRF Jeff

    dr d exhaust

    Fitzy - A properly packed Dr D with the quiet tip & spark arrester emits less than 94db. Check the condition of your silencer.
  10. CRF Jeff

    dr d exhaust

    I am not sure where you live, but that could be a factor. I have an Athena 280 kit, all the usual airbox mod's, a Dr D with the quiet tip, and run a 172 main with absolutely awesome results. Crisp, no bog, no "popping", nice tan plug. I would rather be a tad rich than too lean, but I think the 172 for my area (Maryland) is perfect.
  11. CRF Jeff

    CRF250X bent right radiator

    Even severely bent radiators can be fixed. Clamp the bottom tank in a vise (use wood or plastic to protect it), using a C-clamp, do the same for the top tank, only use a two-foot long piece of wood (that is your bending lever), heat the radiator up good with a propane torch, then gently bend it back to being straight. I have done this many times - no problem.
  12. CRF Jeff

    Which exhaust works best?

    I have tried 3 different set-ups; FMF Power Bomb with a White Bros. E2, White Brothers low-boy header with an E2, and a Dr. D SIS system with the low header & the quiet tip (94db). In order of performance, it looks like this; 1) Dr D is far superior to the other 2 - huge gains low/mid, no loss on top, very quiet 2) White Bros. - Not as good as Dr. D, but still much better than stock. The E2 is a bit loud on top though 3) FMF was lousy. Not much gain anywhere, and I have heard this from other people too. By the Dr. D, it works great, has excellent quality.
  13. CRF Jeff

    More Street legal Questions

    It sounds like you recieved a signed certificate of origin, not a title. At least in Maryland, a title would never say "for off road use only", but the CO from Honda does say that. In Maryland, you need a title and a state inspection certificate to be issued a tag. The hardest part is getting the title. You need to submit an affadavit stating that you have performed all of the required modifications to make the vehicle street legal. Once I did that and presented the inspection document, I was issued a tag.
  14. I agree with the 952, if you ride on rocks, it will hold up better than anything, and you can get away with a little less air pressure too. My experience with Kenda tires is that they wear out super fast and chunk when ridden on rocks. I won't buy them any more. Go 952!!
  15. CRF Jeff

    ???Whats the best exhaust for a CRF250x????

    Go with Dr. D, no question about it. The powerbomb / Q combo does not compare well to the Dr. D for low-mid power, which is what I rely on mostly for east coast woods riding. I have done a direct comparison, and the Dr. D provides a MUCH better power curve. Even with the quiet insert, the top end is great too.