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    Off-Road Options in Washington

    Over the past couple of years my wife and I have been looking in and around the Spokane area for a new home. I think we finally found a nice little place about an hour south of Spokane. The best thing about the east side is the property can be had for a good amount less than in the Seattle Tacoma areas. Housing prices have gone thru the roof and the taxes in King county are killing home owners. It's a sellers market place for sure right now so be prepared to spend big money on a home. If you go into Spokane you can still buy a nice place for a lot less but the work is just not there. Most people that move to Spokane find themselves out of work for long periods of time or they end up moving back to the west side for a job, but some do luck out and do well. We are planning our future and not jumping into moving anytime soon, our new place will be a summer time get away for a year or so or until we can land something solid with a benifit plan. Riding in eastern Wa can be very limiting due to the amount of private properties but there are still afew places to go and Moses Lake is just east of Spokane about two hours or less and has some good desert riding. Beverly Dunes is a joke but the Manashtash is said to be a good place to go. I have never ridden there however. The West side offers Capitol Forest, Gifford Pinchot, Tahuya, and a few others but tend to be very busy on weekends. Most of these spots are not real muddy but there are times of the year when things do get soggy and sticky. Spokane is the secon largest city in Washington, recently out doing Tacoma but that is because of incorporations of cities like Lakewood. There is a horrible amount of traffic on the west side along the I-5 corridor that can leave you sitting in miles upon miles of traffic congestion and it ain't getting any better. When the winter hits and we get snow that is when things around here get real exciting.....can you say bumper cars? Crashes everywhere and sometimes I mean several hundred on one day during the icy times. Then you have the criminal enviroment, everywhere you go you may become a victim of a crime. I know, I have been in law enforcement for 20 years, shite happens all the time around here. But that goes for any big city. Spokane offers a much smaller home town atmosphere but unfotunatley they have more crime per capita than the Seattle Metro area. The good thing is you can get away from the congestion much quicker in Spokane. We looked in and around the Bend area of Oregon for a couple of years but the area just does not support decent wages for the average Joe. You can make it there if you have a successful business and do a lot of internet stuff or if you are in the medical field you could do all right but 8 to 10 bucks an hour just don't cut it for me. Good luck in your search but don't look to the Pacific Northwest for good riding, I lived in Southern California for 15 years and back then we had much better places to ride. I know most of that is gone now. I would look at Nevada, anywhere there is dirt you can pretty much ride. I lived in Carson City for a year and it was great for off roading.
  2. I can, but only if I'm really drunk, totally out of control, screaming something about the NRA, be sportin' my Ted Nuggent "Whack'em and Stack'em patch on my levis jacket and have my illegal alien papers with me, no problem. Wait a minute guy's, I have my Whack'em and Sta...ouch, hey ya don't need to be so rough...ouch, hey, no it's my gun...you can't....ouch...stop hitting me....zaaaaaap, zaaaaaap.......yyyeeeeeeoooooow
  3. RimLok

    Suspension re valve

    Try DEVOL Engineering, located in Enumclaw.
  4. RimLok

    a place to ride in king county??

    Evans Creek is all Pierce county, but it is a good place to ride as is Elbe Hills out near Mt. Rainier. You could try Natches Trail over Chinnook Pass on Hwy 410 or find the Gifford Pichot Forest, lots of trails out there too.
  5. I didn't use Kouba links, instead, I had DEVOL Engineering install new springs, limiters and revalve both front and rear so we could get the thing low enough for her. Worked out great too.
  6. My wife is 5-4, 125 lbs and rides an '03 DRZ400S. I had the suspension lowered 4" and installed ATV bars to fit her short arms, higher and narrower than stock. She does very well on the bike, even she was very satisfied after coming off the XT225 she had. She told me it was way easier to ride than she first thought. She loves the bike and now I'll be ordering up a Corbin seat to give a little more comfort on the longer road rides. I've already installed a Hotcams Intake cam, rejetted the carb, 3x3 airbox mod, gearing change, MT21's, CFC case covers, Devol Suspension, Unibiker Rad guards, MCCT from Machinist, Rekluse clutch and a new Clarke tank. The bike works great for her.
  7. RimLok

    The new Betas are here!

    Joe, you gonna let me ride one for a week FREEEEEEEEEE?? You know, we gotta test these things out
  8. Between your choices, there is only one bike I would go for and that is the HONDA XR650L. Hands down a much better bike for exactly what you have described. I have nothing against the other bikes and in fact I owned an LC4 640 and liked it very well except for the horrible idle shake. That thing would make you blind in a week. The Bmw is a good bike but no way the is it the KTM. It is also waaaaay over priced when it comes to adventure bikes. To be totally honest with you, you could do everything you have describe on a Suzuki DL650 V-Strom for less than either KTM or BMW and woop their butts in a high speed run on a nice curvy backroad. But for the money, reliability and aftermarket parts anywhere you go, Honda is still the game to beat. You can't argue with the proven history that has made the Honda XR650L the best adventure bike on the planet. You don't really need liquid cooled motors, fuel injection, huge forks or WP suspension to get you out in the boonies, however you need proven reliability to get you home. I also agree to a point hat the DR650 is a good bike and I would take it long before the BMW. But they are not without their problems too like base gaskets leaking and some motors had tranny issues. All fixed now on the 05 model, so what are you waiting for....... getrdone
  9. Neat little bike....but wait.....how tall are you and how much do you weigh? The little Yammy is little and the suspension is very soft. So if you plan on doing anything more than very easy trails then I would suggest you look elsewhere. I just sold a '96 XT225 that had 1800 miles on it for $1800 to one of the TT members here. It was my wifes bike and I moved her up to a DRZ400S. She is not a fast rider but the stuff we do, which is dirt roads and two lane black top country roads, I wanted her to have more power and much better suspension. For about the same money you can pick up a Yamaha XT350 or a Suzuki DR350 and have a much better bike that is still very easy to handle.
  10. RimLok

    a place to ride in king county??

    porkpal, sorry to say but there are no outside trail riding areas or free and open mx tracks in King County. That's not to say you would not find private property to ride on, but I really doubt you will be there long unless you are friends of the owner. Most everything now is built up and has homes or apartments covering the soil. My suggestion, is to head down to Olympia and ride Capitol Forest, there are lots of trails down there and it's all legal to ride on. Good luck
  11. I even carry mine to court when I testify, just in case a crazy juror goes off the deep end.
  12. RimLok

    5'6" + WR250F ????

    I had DEVOL Engineering lower my DRZ400 4 full inches and set it up using the proper springs for my wife and it works great. She is only 5'-4" and the bike works perfectly for her, except for the weight, which is no big deal because now we only ride dirt roads and two lane back roads. She had a KDX220 but the problem was, it was still to tall for her to start and ride comfortably. She used to ride a Yamaha XT225 but the supension was way too soft, so I put her on my DRZ. It looks kinda funny lowered as much as it is but it works great. I would suggest to most beginning riders or those that are not tall enough or experienced, to start with a lighter bike that is lowered. Something with an E-button so their riding time is fun and not filled with the frustration of kick starting and dumping the bike on trails. It makes a huge difference in fun factor and keeps their riding time much more progressive.
  13. RimLok

    Okay, maybe you guy's can help

    jond8.......Thanks for your input, I have still been leaning more towards the XR as my needs right now are quite simple. I just returned from Spokane, my wife and I were looking at properties, I just got off the phone with the owner of a nice place. So I'll be putting the bike thing on hold for a while until we can get this all sorted out. However I did find a nice used KTM for sale that I may look at a little more but down the road. Right now all my pennies are being saved for the property. Thanks guys for all of your input, I do appreciate it.
  14. RimLok

    Why make the 400E street legal

    You will likely never get a new E street legal from a dealer here in Wa. However if you find one from another state it is highly possible you can get a Wa. State plate providing no one has the initiative to look real hard at it. If you know someone living in Oregon or Idaho, just purchase it there and install all the required lighting, horn and mirrors. Have it put in that persons name then bring it into Washington with a sales receipt as it was purchased from your friend then get it licensed here. It's one way to get around the issue and it's almost legal to do it.